7 Responses to “Domain Picks for Aug 3rd 2013 and The Friday Funnies”

  1. BullS says:

    “Don’t feel like talking about domains”

    wait a minute buddy boy, if you don’t feel like it, then you should not be listing any domains….

    • Mark says:

      How can I not post Feba.com and Asking.net? But more importantly, what did you think about the Doug Stanhope video?

  2. BullS says:

    I prefer Steven Wright

    That the show I know I can score after the 1st date.

    bdbu.com make me an offer so I don’t have to cuss you like Doug Stanhope

  3. BullS says:

    Yo- how come domainpicks.com is not being fed to Domaining.com?

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