6 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Aug 19th 2013”

  1. BullS says:

    The Seahawks, mariners, sounders,Storms are playing, 4 cruise ships docking in downtown Seattle and the best Hempfest in the world, sunny at 77…wTF more do you want. How can you not like Seattle in Summer?

    When I see all these people, I see money in the economy.

    Tons of people having a good time at hempfest and made good business contacts. Got a couple of free t-shirts when they saw I signed in as MarijuanaGuy.com or MarijuanaDealer.com

    Met the owner of buriensmokeshop.com and told him I own SeattleSmokeShop.com and he is damn interested as I have a bigger market.

    Most of the vendors are small timers and don’t have the websites but some do but not good domains. That is very fine with me

    oh yea….I smell pot, I smell money, I see money…money in my pocket.

    “eLogic.com – Good word, I get offers on all my e plus word .com’s..”. I get lots of offers on my EcloudHosting.com too and make me an offer!

  2. BullS says:

    If marijuana is a drug, then why not coffee or tea?

    The F president Nixon was the one that make it prohibition and f the whole thing because he hated the pot smokers.

    The real drugs are the synthetic drugs that the big Phama companies made for you all to take and get hooked on them. They are the ones that bought the politicians, lobbyists and doctors with big money ,vacations,cruises, “sex”, etc etc whatever they want–just to promote their pills.

    One gram of marijuana will keep you in jail for 25yrs in Georgia/and other S.States whereas a murderer gets only 15yrs with a chance of parole…go figure.

    The war on Drug is a freaking total failure!!!

  3. Dean says:

    That’s a lot of jizz.. err, jam! No doubt about it definitely seeing a CHROME TELEVISION and ITV CLOUD in the near future.. LMAO…

  4. stu walk says:

    ^^^^^ he needs to lie down . lol

  5. Dean says:

    ^^^ Tongue in cheek.. it was intended more as a humorous aside than an attempt at crass self promotion. You would have to have read my deleted comment to get it.

    • Mark says:

      I didn’t delete a comment intentionally Dean, I apologize if I did, I delete 100’s of spam comments every day and sometimes I inadvertently delete a real comment, it shouldn’t happen to you again…

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