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  1. Francois says:

    Reading you the conclusion looks logical:

    Transfer all your domains to another registrar ASAP!!!

    • Mark says:

      I am too busy whining and complaining, lol.

      Seriously though I am working on this but when I cannot get a correct authorization code generated without calling or opening a support ticket it gets time consuming to transfer 2000+ domains.

      • Francois says:

        Well, you are right, I imagine the hassles.

        Except I make a MEGA (it’s very popular these days) bad advertising to Domain.com and you will see how their move their ass, because what they are doing with you is simply a true shame.

        Keep us posted if they continue putting barriers to transfer domains out or if they act like pros.

        • Mark says:

          I do not think they are intentionally making it difficult to transfer domains out. And I have talked to a few tech support people that are really helpful and say they are trying to fix these things. They are just all messed up with this migration thing.

  2. @Domains says:

    Loved the first part of your story and how you got your domains. Don’t know why you put up with such hardship at a registrar, Godaddy does all that stuff easily and quickly! I’m sure there are other registrars that could do better too. I used to use MyDomain for url forwarding, but that was years ago, before all registrars started doing it.

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for the comments. I am really not crazy about GoDaddy.com. I know everybody loves them but I get tired of all the bells and whistles they offer and pop-up whenever I have to do anything.

      And MyDomain.com was OK until they weren’t. This is all only related to their migration to Domain.com which is a recent issue. I would have never put up with this kind of stuff if it had been happening since the beginning.

      • jayjay says:

        @Godaddy Agreed!!

        I’d try Dynadot.com and with 2K plus domains you’d qualify for “super bulk pricing” too like I do. It’s got one of the cleanest easy to use interfaces of all the reg’s, you can do everything in bulk and there’s a built in search mode to locate any of your domains. Auth key transfer is to the right on page too.

  3. jamea says:

    Yes, the support level ay Mydomain.com is the worst I have ever seen! The do not reply to support tickets, had one open now for 7 days and counting!! I have all the same problems you mentioned. Support does not answer, however if you call for “sales” they pick right up! I have complained about this before, still the same problems. Mydomain.com get with the program and answer your support tickets and fix your new broken platform!!

    • Mark says:

      I’m really sorry to see you are also at MyDomain.com Jamea. I don’t even have the energy yet to post what I went through today with this registrar. But I can tell you it took up most of my day. Ridiculous…

  4. manos says:

    Was difficult even to sign up with them. And had wrong pricing for .tv and .me. Crap!

  5. page howe says:

    yup, id say there are too many issues with them, this is the new registerfly

    the dont really have the registrar integrity to know whats in your account. watch out for the elevation of your issue to a level 2 teahcnician, this means weeks of waiting and no solution. i will say they are nice, but ineffective and its a management issue. they really dont understand the value of each name to the holder, thwy think well you should just think like us, and were a hosting company so the hosting issues dominates everything, not the domain registration.

    page howe

  6. chandan says:

    they simply delete inactive accounts it seems ?

    i tried to login and it says invalid and says again invalid for reset password

  7. saji says:

    Try namecheap.com. They are one of the best around!

    • Mark says:

      How ironic that I had to spend all day dealing with another nightmare issue at MyDomain.com and am running out of time to get domains transferred to namecheap.com for their $3.99 today only transfer special pricing…

  8. Yoko says:

    We buy a lot from Snapnames. Domain.com is the only Registrar that will create a new account for every purchased name (instead of consolidating them all into a single account), and then send out an email with wrong login and password for managing the domain. Every time.

    We then try to recover the correct login and password, but no luck – the reset password function doesn’t work! Email Domain.com about the problem, no luck either – they never respond!

    When we finally get control over the domain, it shows up in the control panel, but guess what? It doesn’t let update nameservers or contact information, and it display the cryptic message “The domain is registered at another Registrar that we do not support”.

    Neither do I.

  9. Mike Terry says:

    Man o man, seeing this update in my email this morning brings back raging memories…
    I acquired a domain that was already regged at domain.com so I created an account to receive the free push from the previous owner. Fast forward 16 months and I have a developed and earning site that I sold at auction. The new owner wants to transfer to GoDaddy… this process took probably 15 phone calls, 25 emails, and 2 weeks of my life. Their entire website is broken and customer service is a joke. I am so lucky to have one of the most patient buyers I have ever dealt with, because if it was me I would have probably asked for a refund and walked.
    I will never ever use domain.com or any of their other companies again no matter what happens, and I suggest everyone else stay as far away as possible.

  10. Dee says:

    Which is the problem, MyDomain.com or Domain.com?

  11. Dee says:

    Watch out for GoDaddy! I finally convinced my brother to buy domains and when he bought his first GD stole it from him days after the transaction using a BS excuse that they did not believe he was who he claimed he was. The CC went through no problem but GD took the name and refunded the money. Total garbage! Can’t trust them.

    • Ron says:

      hey Dee thats crazy man! I’ve heard of godaddy horror stories before but this really is scary. Thanks for posting this cause I was thinking transferring some domains to them @ $8.28 a piece but now no way!!!

      • Dee says:

        Yeah I could not believe it Ron. I had to see the emails for myself. I had been having problems when I’d try to buy a domain, I’d get bumped off at payment Then the name was mysteriously gone when I’d get back on. Strange stuff!

    • Cheap Name says:

      It is true that some will have issues with domain registrars but for being the largest registrar, Godaddy is great. Problems will be encountered somewhere down the line,after all they have almost 35 million domains registered on their platform. It’s inevitable that some users will experience issues. Ultimately it is the ratio of users with problems that counts.

  12. Ron says:

    I feel for you brother. Myself also had problems since they changed the system. I am not sure why they did it. The old system was much better in all aspects. I think the new one is some canadian piece of crap software because netfirms which is a canadian registrar has exactly the same system. Anyway its a huge step back for mydomain.com not to mention that their new registration prices of $11.99 for a dotcom from $9.99 makes them even less competitive. So, crappy system, higher prices and waiting times longer that the government….I am not sure what their business plan is but I guess that Murphy’s law reigns over there…

    • Mark says:

      It’s so true. The old system was fine. Whatever they are doing now should still be in beta. I wish I could access the old control panel.

  13. Alexander says:

    Mark, I absolutely understand your pain … I’m also having lots of issues after the migration! Little problem in the past … now it’s really a mess.

  14. Dee says:

    Thanks Mark for your article. Sorry you’re having problems. I’ve been buying domains since 1995 but just now started selling. Your article gives me some insight to some of the speed bumps up ahead.

  15. Joe Ray says:

    I spent hours on the phone with them, when they tried to move my 800 names I have to the new platform it did not go well. Many names that make money were redirected to there ppc landing page not mine. I spent over a week calling everyday at 7:00 am so I would only need to wait for 10 min. for a tech. I will be moving my names when I find a new registry.

  16. Brian Amado says:

    Many thanks so much! That is actually nice to hear!

  17. Sad Mydomain Victim says:

    These domain transfer and phone horrors are only part. Their hosting transferred to the new “platform” (BS term) left files behind on old servers they only have partial access to. URL forwards and hosting pointers are screwed up. Subsequent repairs once their techs answer sometimes break working sites. TIME TO BAIL. The Namecheap sale was limited to 50 per individual or business but so far the auth codes work.

  18. Mark says:

    Here is more. Much of my day yesterday revolved around MyDomain.com again. I am almost embarrassed to admit it. I have been trying to renew some expiring domains for days with no success. The javascript is not working for me and everything on the new platform is javascript. So I can’t get NS changes or the “renew domain” option to work. Nothing works for me. My javascript is the latest version and I am not having any problems on any other sites. This has been going on for a while and I kept thinking it would get fixed so would I try again the next day but it still does not work. I have already called about this problem but they were no real help – the guy said it worked fine for him but he WOULD have somebody look into it anyway – gee thanks. This was weeks ago.

    Yesterday I go determined to renew about 60 names, some of which have actually expired by now and are going to MD nameservers, but I still can’t get it to work. So I can’t renew 60 names like Flabbergasted.com and FunkyClothes.com – good names that I have had for years.

    So I fire up my wife’s computer and try with her old outdated browser – and it works. The outdated javascript on her computer is not a problem apparently? I put these 60 names in my shopping cart, there are no bulk options at this new system so I have to manually check how many years I want these renewed and also UNCHECK the default $8.99 privacy option – how convenient.

    I do all this and click “submit” and it goes to an error page – arghhhh. So I go back and do it all again and it goes to an error page again – a real prozac moment for me. So I give it one more try, I go again and manually choose how many years and UNCHECK privacy again on 60 names and click “submit” for the 3rd time and this time – HURRAY – it goes to a checkout page. I click on the pay with paypal button and wait a few minutes and nothing happens? Nothing. No “twirling icons” no “please wait while the order is being processed” no “things are happening so do not hit this button again” – nothing. I give it a few minutes and hit the pay with paypal button again, still nothing. Now I go a little postal and click a bunch of times and still nothing. Nothing ever let me know that payment was taking place or had taken place. I get all mad and shut down my wife’s computer and go back to mine and check my email and I see that MyDomain.com has charged my paypal for six $516.73 transactions? WTF, well at least my domains got renewed.

    So I call paypal and put in dispute resolutions on 5 of the charges. I call MyDomain.com and hold for a good hour – the guy that answered the phone was very nice and seemed helpful and said they will attempt to cancel these extra 5 transactions.

    Today I called my bank and sure enough, 6 paypal charges of $516.73 are charged to my account. I call MyDomain.com again and hold for an hour (thank god for speaker phone but now I hate smooth jazz), the guy today is also nice and helpful and he tells me the nice helpful guy that helped me yesterday put the support ticket priority as “low” and never sent it to the billing department? WTF is wrong with these people, seriously? So this guy today sets priority to high and goes and talks to billing while I was on the phone and finally I now see Paypal will be cancelling these transactions and refunding my money.

    • Mark says:

      Update: I got my refund of $2583.65 that I was inadvertently charged when I went to renew some domains. I also uninstalled my new updated javascript and reinstalled an older version (I actually had to install and uninstall about 5 or 6 old versions of javascript til I found one that worked on their site – so the latest versions of javascript do not work on their site apparently). Finally I have access to the site using my computer instead of my wifes.

      On a funny note my wife told me this weekend she was going to click to update something on her computer and I said NOOOO – don’t do anything. Her outdated browser was the only access I had to my 2000 domains at MyDomain.com, lol.

      Anyway I went to renew about 30 more domains and I clicked proceed to payment options and it just went to a page that said thank you for the order? Normally it goes to a page that gives me payment options like credit card or paypal etc. Not now? So now I am not sure what is getting charged to renew these domains that apparently DID get renewed? I checked my paypal (especially after the last fiasco) but no charge there. I checked my credit cards I have on file at MyDomain.com but no charges on them yet, but the domains did get renewed?

  19. Jason Davis says:

    JobInterview.com is a good domain name. Do you still own it? If so, can we have a conversation?



    • Mark says:

      I wish I still had it because I spent that money already and need a job now, lol…

      • Jason Davis says:

        I think that happens a lot. I have been buying and selling job and recruiting domain names since 1997. There are a couple I wish I never sold either. My wife though always says to me you can’t tell people you are in the domain name business if you never sell anything.

  20. thaipeople says:

    I move my big list to Godaddy within 1 week without problem.
    Because they not support IDN domain name registration, but Godaddy full support – i buy more and more name every week at Godaddy .. until not have over 400 nice name for Thai people at nametomoney.

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