12 Responses to “Domain Picks for Sep 1st 2013 and a Critique”

  1. Mitch says:

    ” In case you thought this was serious it wasn’t, I was just trying to be funny…”
    Sure, make nice at the end there.

    Reminds me of Don Rickles act.
    Insult the audience and then tell them it’s all in fun.

    Good job. I enjoyed it.

    BTW: Where’s this bromance going between you and BS? lol

    • Mark says:

      Thanks Mitch. I hope I am not as insulting as Don Rickles, but he was funny.

      And the most interesting man in the world does not do “Bromance” and neither do I…

  2. BullS says:

    Love it love it, about time somebody got the big balls to tell these “arrogant egomaniac” that their domains suck.

    Sometimes it is good to be a DomainPrick.

    You missed one, that DS that does not link to your site should be called DomainShame

    beepbaseball.com- let play some baseball.

    • Mark says:

      “about time somebody got the big balls to tell these “arrogant egomaniac” that their domains suck.”

      I was just being humorous, it was satire, I like these “arrogant egomaniacs” and I would give at least one of my big balls to have just 1% of the great domains these 4 gentlemen own. It was supposed to be funny that I would be criticizing the domains of the people that own the best and most valuable domains on the planet. I think you missed the irony.

      And, I do not appreciate that you use my blog to communicate how you feel about Shane ever other post, you should start your own blog for that, seriously, I would be willing to help you set one up. I am a very diplomatic and positive person and I try and lift people up, not knock them down, with the exception of a little sarcastic humor here and there…

  3. Shane says:


    I see a little edge in your writing today. By the way, BullS ruins your blog. There is a reason why his comments are erased everywhere else. Don’t feed the stray skunk or he’ll keep coming back and stinking up the place

    • Mark says:

      I appreciate your comments Shane, I really hate to censor or delete comments if they are not absolute spam, even if they insult me or you or make the commenter look like an idiot. But as I get more experience blogging I can see it is a dilemma that I will need to take into consideration…

  4. Shane says:

    PS: You would be absolutely surprised what a few “the” names sold for this week. You would be a bigger fan

    • Mark says:

      I like “the” domains Shane, I know they have value, it’s just hard to find anything to roast Berkens about so this was the best I could come up with and I thought it would be clever to tie in your recent “the” domains comments. I like the domain TheDomains.com so I lied to get a cheap laugh…

    • Mark says:


      These are some of the “The” domain sales this year, it’s an impressive list and not lost on me. And it’s funny because I own ColorRed.com and I have not sold it for $2595 but somebody sold TheColorRed.com for that, lol, I should have got the “The”.

      The-Retreat.com – $1500
      TheWall.com – $3101
      TheGritty.com – $2700
      ThePlaylist.com – $2200
      TheVilla.com – £5,000
      TheDevelpoers.com – $1200
      TheAlchemy.com – $2800
      TheArtOfThePossible.com – $3688
      TheColorRed.com – $2595
      TheCompany.com – $37500
      TheEstablishment.com – $3288
      TheExchange.com – $36000
      TheFood.com – $12500
      TheGymnasium.com – $4000
      TheHalo.com – $9000
      TheKnock.com – $4000
      TheMascot.com – $4388
      TheMobile.com – $3366

  5. Luke Summers says:

    I purchased LukesBlog (dot com) recently… seems it’s just an ‘OK domain’! 😛

    I enjoyed the video on Domain Sherpa too, looking forward to the next episode.

    • Mark says:

      LOL Luke, I wish I had MarksBlog.com, I would use it. And I wish even more I had Mark.com, but I wouldn’t use it I would sell it…

  6. MaxD says:

    Ahh, CrazyHorseMark!! :)

    You could do much more for the domain world…

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