3 Responses to “Domain Picks for Sep 9th 2013 and the Hall of Shame”

  1. sukhjin says:

    I Agree with all the intuitive decisions you made, except SexPedia.com,

    Sex Pedia , is a generic terms, I don’t know why did you give That Nice name up to a company which has nothing to do with SEX.

    Sex is defined as intercourse, expedia is as the company defines travel search engine, two way different things.

    Wiki pedia, sex pedia, I don’t know why did you just backed out. I have also got once C and D letter, and I gave up the name nicely without any further action, but I think you could have really really protected sex pedia, kind of like sex pedia, a pedia about sex.

    Anyhow, thats just my 2 cents

    • Mark says:

      Good points. It was my first days of domaining, it was the first C and D letter I had received, I got nervous and probably gave in to easy on this one but at the time I felt it was more a typo of expedia than a generic term. I fight for everything I have now, but I don’t have any domains that are infringing anymore…

  2. Mark

    Thanks for the concern but actually wasn’t on vacation, just making our two day drive back from our NC summer home back to Florida.

    Got home to find the Internet not working so lost most of yesterday too.

    Anyway we are back and settle and hitting it hard.

    Nice to know I was missed

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