6 Responses to “A History Of The Backorder, Then and Now”

  1. Nice early days stories indeed.
    As you know I’m a fan of first-come, first serve BO, so I’m not using them so much these days. Hope to see a new company with top technology offering FCFS only, let’s see.

    “Stay tuned for “Why Kevin Ham Owns Mark.com and I Don’t”…”
    Mark, the funny thing here is also that someone regged (in 2013!) your first+last name .com … and he’s not your namesake.
    Maybe he will try to resell it …LOL … 😉

  2. Adam says:

    I don’t remember dates but there was also Club Drop from Enom . Dropwizard , 007names, Pravada and a few other guys doing private deals. You sure namewinner didn’t come before snap ?

  3. fizz says:

    Yes, namewinner came after Snap. I maxed out credit card on SnapBacks at Snapnames and later started shuffling around the $35 SB’s (as you could easily change them if another domain didn’t have an SB on it and looked more likely to drop) and in doing so lost a few great names to others who grabbed my vacated SB slot, such as Lagoons.com (Frank!) lol.

    Got a great name mid-2002 using Parava’s nicgenie, which had an auction format before the drop, which then chased name for auction winner only, focusing its resources on higher bid names as auction payment was deducted only if they caught name.

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