16 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Oct 9th 2013”

  1. jamea says:

    Where do you confirm cpc now? The new keyword planner at google that replaced the adwords tool only displays “suggested bid” – is their any way to see the real cpc anymore? All of the estibot values are cached so it would be nice to see it in real time.

  2. jamea says:


    I was hoping one of your readers could provide a way to confirm cpc now – I really relied on the old adwords tool. When the new keyword tool was introduced it showed cpc, now within the past week or so it was replaced with the suggested bid. Hopefully someone can clear this up.

    • Hi Jamea,
      Google Keyword Planner says that “Your suggested bid is calculated by taking into account the costs-per-click (CPCs) that advertisers are paying for this keyword for the location and Search Network settings you’ve selected. The amount is only an estimate, and your actual cost-per-click may vary.”
      So basically it seems very similar to the “old” Average CPC.

  3. TMs: It is really simple.
    People don’t know what they are doing. The ones that are dropping the domains now understand the risks and very low return and are now replaced by the next batch of newbie wannabe domainers.

  4. Irfan says:

    unawareness or ignorance is one of the reason for the infringement and there is no excuse if the company decides to sue them. These domainers must do due diligence as well as learn about IP rights.

  5. Irfan says:

    Will BP.com have an objection over GreenBP.com?

  6. Troy says:

    I had a front row seat at both the namejet facebookl.com and the pheenix facebookc.com auction, and can confirm both domain names were won by the same man with a total price of over $5000.00. If what happened after the $3300.00 purchase of dacebook.com at snapnames 3 months ago is anything to go by, then he won’t see a penny of this money back..

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