10 Responses to “Show.Me The.Money on Dec 15th 2013”

  1. Mark says:

    I’ll start. I have not invested anything in new gTLD’s, no pre orders or pre reg’s. And some of the prices I have seen at MindsAndMachines.com have kind of blown my mind, KeyLimePie.Cooking for โ‚ฌ5,999.95, personally I think they are out of their minds and machines with prices like this, who do they think they are, Dot TV lol.

    I didn’t search for KeyLimePie.Cooking incidentally, when I saw Berkens got some .horse at this place I thought I would go and see how much domains like Vegan.Cooking or Healthy.Cooking were and they were taken of course, so the site suggested KeyLimePie.Cooking at this crazy price.

    Some of these prices I am seeing makes me think that one of the main pitches with new gTLD’s, which is it finally opens up the domain space for entities that cannot afford a taken .com and they can now get a good alternative, doesn’t really hold water if names like KeyLimePie.Cooking cost $8k, by the way KeyLimePieCooking.com is available lol. And more than likely domain investors will be getting all the best domains and asking big bucks for them, so I don’t really see all this as some new great inexpensive alternative to pricey .com’s. Am I wrong?

  2. BullS says:

    All it takes is one sucker to reg KeyLimePie.Cooking at $8k

    Some people love the smell of shit.horse

  3. Capitalism Rules says:

    Sorry, just not interested in participating. The gtlds all seem so painfully long and stupid to me.

    If you know a concept is flawed and will fail, why would you buy into it, even if on a very limited basis?

    Glad to hear Berkins got his 3 .horse domains. For the life of me though, I can not come up with three words that I would want to put before that dot which would make sense that I think I could sell to some other sucker, er… buyer.

    I completely agree with Mark. I would take that same $8,000 USD, buy the $8 .com version and laugh all the way to the bank as I deposit the remaining $7,992 (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #1). I’ll have another laugh when my .com captures the leaked hits/email of inferior tld competitors (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #2). This may allow me to put up some relevant monetized ads (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #3) and get investors (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #4). Allows me to lower my ad budget too (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #5).

    As a .com, my SEO, credibility and radio ads will have a significantly better chance of success (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #6) and I won’t need to put a WWW as a prefix to indicate a web address.

    Since my tld will match that of the Fortune 500 members, I can someday go public and fit right in (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #7). As such, I will not need to share in the burden of needless educational ads intended to train people to type in gtld’s (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #8).

    I’ll get still another chance to laugh in a few years when I ultimately rent a subdomain of my precious .com for a huge profit (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #9)and then eventually, I will sell it to the highest bidder (HUGE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY #10) whereas the .cooking sponsor may have long ago disappeared from the radar just like .coop, .aero, .mobi, .jobs, .tel, .museum and the numerous others that already fill the Wikipedia graveyard of the internet.

    While I wish Michael Berkins the best of luck with his, I will not be buying any .horse, .tattoo, .xyz, .uno, .club, .singles or any other .crap in the future. Thanks for asking.

  4. Mark,
    If you remember, I told you the pricing of many of the new gtlds is simply insane, or at least too aggressive … you see now …
    I wouldn’t buy KeyLimePie.Cooking even for reg fee … 8k? haha, it’s a joke … with other people money …lol

    What I’m investing in the new gtlds? ZERO, NOTHING … and not planning to.
    If needed, I think I’ll be able to buy at “distressed”/fire prices in the next few years, if/when some of them will find some “identity”.

    “Am I wrong?”
    Nope, I think you are not. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think a lot of people will get burned with these new gtlds, just wait and see.

  5. Ms Domainer says:


    I don’t get .horse. If gTLDs like .travel and .pro have struggled in the marketplace, what chance does .horse have?

    Dead.horse, I think.

    Even the ones that make sense, like .nyc, will struggle for a while before being widely adopted.

    Well, the lucky investor who acquires Forex.nyc can query me about ForexNyc.com.


    Seriously, the new gTLDs will disrupt the industry in ways that we cannot yet know, but I think it will take a while. Given that I’m not a spring chicken, it would not make sense for me to jump in this market, but a 30 or 40 year old might consider setting aside some money for investment in the new internet world order.


  6. Kassey says:

    I’m open minded and try not to be dogmatic.

  7. Tauseef says:

    I pre-registered couple new gTLDs at UD dot com like cloudcomputing.app, gtld.blog, etc.
    Effective marketing is very important for any new gTLD to survive. As I think except domainers and those in domain industry very few are aware that right of the dot is going to expand beyond the conventional TLDs.

  8. page howe says:

    and for keylimepie.cooking thats $6k Euro PER YEAR…..

  9. Aaron Strong says:

    I dot the new gTLD’s will be worth investing in.

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