16 Responses to “Another Registrar Horror Story”

  1. RaTHeaD says:

    i call that crazy talk for a hippie in dark glasses.

    • Mark says:

      LOL. Reminds me of what Tom Waits said years ago “Never trust a scarecrow wearing shades after dark”

      But I speak the truth and Howard Neu, my great Domain Lawyer, is well aware of the situation.

  2. manos says:

    ICANN must some time take measures

  3. Tom says:

    Any dropcatch 60 day unlock, transfer, lock down, without fail.

  4. BullS says:

    I told you Stevie Boy..anytime you deal with SEDO you get sucked and be a Sucker that what “S” stands for.

  5. Dave says:

    Is it possible that your account did in fact get compromised? Maybe the hacker really wanted those two domains, so the other domains you own in that account at that registrar had no value to them?

  6. Alem says:

    They can jump in a lake with that response. What a canned, “get me off the hook” response…..blah, blah, blah…..”you could have been compromised in a myriad, of complex ways, which is very hard for the human mind to comprehend of keep track of. It’s so complex we don’t even know where to start, and neither do you”, is what he really said.

    What a phony reply. He’s just crossing his fingers hoping you’ll back down. I would be seething angry.

    People hate GoDaddy but really they are the safest with their DTVS program.

  7. Tom says:

    Well wouldn’t the register have ip logins for your accoumt?

    Seems like they just failed to renew them, and kept the money, ho humm, and they did drop, and I guess were recaught.

  8. Howard Neu says:

    If what the Registrar claims is true, that your account has been compromised in some way, the domains would not continue to appear in your account, but would have been transferred to another registrar. The fact that they DO still appear in your account indicates to me that the Registrar failed to pay Verisign and they were canceled so that someone else would be able to register them. It appears to me that your registrar is guilty of gross negligence in handling your account at best and theft at worst.

  9. Did you at any point pay for a multi-year renewal?

    Some registrars will still only renew your domain one year at a time, even when you pay for multiple years renewal.

    If so, then they may have lost track of it and then it was deleted by the registry. That would explain why they were still in your account.

    • Mark says:

      This was not due to a multi year renewal but this is a disturbing business practice you have brought up. Does this happen? Is this allowed?

      • Yes, this was at one time a standard practice for few registrars. I don’t think the practice was ever specifically prohibited.

        This was one of the “10 Things” we wrote about in our own “10 Things You Must Know Before You Register A Domain Name”, we put that online at http://domainwarning.com (probably in need of an update).

        And yes, that page is “marketing” in the sense that we tell you about the practices, and then point out that we don’t do any of them.

  10. manos says:

    The registrar’s answer is quite funny.
    They assume that hackers entered account, transferred away only 2 names, that were not among the best at account, they paid for the transfer, but names dropped.
    This could not happen of course as with transfer names would be renewed for one more year so would not drop.
    So they want us to assume a hacker that entered account, paid for transfers and then asked for deletion of names haha

  11. DoktorThomas™ says:

    Requires an ID?
    I wouldn’t host with anyone who requires that, no matter what. Tendering an ID is definite no-no, not required by federal law (states think they can require it, but they cannot in the face of specific federal law) … except IF the requester has a badger, then show it; otherwise tell them, “GTH” and walk away.

    Move your other domains immediately. Then post the registrar’s name so anyone else can move theirs also. Slander and liable fail in the face of truth. ©2013

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