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  1. .web(broad) will have more registrations than .art(limited) but is it going to have more widespread recognition?

    It will make more money but will people confuse it with .net?

  2. Good article Mark, and yes I agree about the older alt extensions getting some pick up, not for bad or even average names, but for excellent keywords. If people who are pro new gtld like .art and .web then that brings .tv,.me,.co,.pro and .info into the conversation. They all have meaning so if a small business is getting pitched on a new gtld maybe they could be interested in one of those established extensions.

  3. Sorry but I don’t agree, I look at the new gTLD’s from an seo point of view because I work in SEO and so that’s the way my brain looks at domains and so on…

    Now from an seo point of view most people believe that .com is the best and some times only option for a domain you want to push and brand for a few reasons:

    1. Its – as mentioned in the article – known by everyone
    2. Its the first extension everyone enters at the end of a domain when trying to get to a site directly via the url bar or by searching for one by google.
    3. You average store owner or small business owner will likely not know about gTLD’s let alone all the other extensions as your average person only knows about .com and a few other top levels at best (as your non-domain friends and family…)

    That’s just a few basic points I’m sure most people will know off and I’m sure I could give more, but I don’t want to put too big a downer on things 😉

    I’m not a hater of these new domains or anything, I just wouldn’t hold my breath (or spend my cash) on anything too early because IMHO I don’t see them being very successful – which is a shame, but that’s just life so we will have to wait and see, and I do hope some do work out and become successful like .shop and so on which could be very good IMO…

  4. Mike says:

    It’s the stupidity for anyone to say there is a shortage of domains such as the art post.

    However, there is no shortage of cheapskates and anti-capitalists who use words like “speculator” instead of “investor”, as that post shows. It shows how they feel about investors and what they think of investors, which is that they are scum of the earth.

    If you want to open up a ice cream shop you can pay a few thousand to get a prime leased spot (and you will have to pay real money)just like you do in .com.

    Conversely, you can open up a ice cream shop at the edge of a National Forest with no houses or traffic in sight and advertise the hell out of it and cross your fingers (think .info, .biz, etc…. and the new TLDs). If you did this because you said the city’s rent or building purchase price is outrageous, then you are simply an idiot in most cases like this.

    The new TLDs are for crybabies or cheapskates or both, and for registries to make money at the expense of the public idiots, in most cases.

    You can buy Manhattan real estate in .com now at reasonable prices and watch it’s value go to the moon in the next 20 years or you can buy land in the desert in Utah with no minerals that will be worth relatively the same in 20 years.

    Your choice.

  5. Rahul says:

    there’s long way to go before the value of .com drops. In my country in India even if i advertise my business as “something.in” , people go for “something.com” .
    Why? because some people who doesn’t know about internet domains knows only one extension . i.e “.com” .

  6. Chadi Ghaith says:

    I don’t agree regarding the .com loosing value. Behold .co which makes much more sense to companies cz its been used to reference company decades before there was even internet, and yet still companies capitalize on the .com version. I think you’re over optimistic about people’s nature and memory-span. Humans are behavioral by default mode, they still fight religious wars even now this late in history and the old always wins over the new…

  7. TJ says:

    Think the whole intro of these new gTLD’s is a giant mess… that being said – the only one i think has a shot is .web and the reason i say that is b/c it’s the only one that actually makes sense to me for a few different reasons.

    One of those reasons is b/c it is logical to my brain and if i saw a URL served in Google that said Keyword dot web i might be inclined to click… it is also short… and similar to .com/.net in the # of letters. Mobile is now… and .online, .travel, .luxury etc. etc.. just feel way too long and therefore clumsy and ugly to me.

    I won’t be speculating too much until i know the pricing of .web, but i might grab a few .web b/c i think it will have a lil traction… and might wind up being comparable to a .net in value down the road a bit?

  8. manos says:

    So far .net is assumed as a .com replacement probably and that’s why sales of tld are low last years.
    But with new tlds and especially .web that is similar probably .net will get an identity finally, in other words and independence.
    In my opinion .net is kinda more generic and catchy than .web
    Time will show of course

  9. chris says:

    for people who only want a domain name to put on a business card or stationary then dot anything will do. why would a local icream shop need a killer domain or tld to sell its products to a captured audience, in this case it is real life location that matters.

    for people who need to be recognized online like real estate agents then dot com is essential.

    even if they release dot real estate or dot realty or whatever there will still be a primary need for dot com for this type of business.

    can you imagine a scenario where there is dot(real estate,realty,realtor,homes,mls, etc, etc)how would anyone know where to look for anyone.

    from my perspective the only thing all these new tld’s will create is confusion for the masses and dollars for the few the registrars.

    proceed with caution

  10. Zeus says:

    I think that the new gtld’s are incredibly dumb and will surely fail. Stay with .com. That’s all I have to say.

  11. Zeus says:

    May I also add that I like the headline. Unfortunately, a lot more money will soon be lost, but thanks to posts like this, these folks cannot say they have not been warned of the foolishness associated with gtld investment and registration.

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