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  1. Guy says:

    brilliant stuff
    something interesting on domaining for a change!
    you forgot to mention the aerosmith years though lol
    sounds amazing years you had
    did you end up nailing the former miss texas, thats what everyones waiting on?

    • Mark says:

      Good question but some things are best left unsaid – especially when you’re happily married. I will be doing a “How I got Into Porn On The Internet” post and maybe I will include some pics, lol…

  2. Alem says:

    Dude!!!!! You did not finish your story!!!

    What happened to the band???

    • Mark says:

      Your right, I wanted a happy ending to this story so I didn’t finish, I love happy endings, lol. But seriously, the same thing that happens to most bands: sex, drugs and rock and roll got the better of us. I broke my neck in a car accident and was paralyzed from the neck down, ouch. But I can walk, chew gum, and wipe my ass again, so it’s all good…

  3. andy kelly says:

    Enjoyed your post! Like you I was in bands for years and like you got to play festivals etc. so it seems we have two things in common music and domain names.

    Had a look at your music site and was impressed. Sadly my life is much more domain names than music these days and I’m figuring I should do something about that rather than keep procrastinating.



  4. andy kelly says:

    re how did I start making money online I put it entirely down to chance. I happened upon a site (I can’t even recall which) around 12 years ago that listed a few domain sales (nope it wasn’t dnjournal)
    That made me check out where to buy names and just like so many others I went on a crazy spending spree and maxed out my creditcard to $10 k handreging 1000s of available domains.

    I hit lucky with two sales within a month that put me in profit (a small profit) and kept on keeping on to this day.

  5. Uzoma says:

    Awesome. Waiting for the hard cover book!!

  6. Troy says:

    Wow! What a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing such a rocking story=)

  7. @Domains says:

    I started online in domains (regging mostly crappy domains) but never had any guidance or knew what type in traffic was. So I switched to affiliate programs and network marketing for a few years, but then got back into domains when I came across a DNJournal article and learned how to do it right. If I had known how to do domains right in 2000-2003 I’d be a lot further ahead!

  8. Tom says:

    Back in 1997, first day of university, all the credit card companies were offering free gifts for signing up for credit cards, got approved for 3 of them, about $7k in credit, maxed them all out buying domains, bought some crap, some tm’s, and some good ones. Well those few good ones fueled a house purchase in 2001 33% cash down, new car, and slowly I would sell a few at end user pricing, and swap that money in the reseller drop market for better inventory, kept trading up. Graduated got busy, lost interest, started buying back in a few years ago, when the stock market/banks started crashing, sitting on 4000 solid domains, 95% .com. I don’t give my domains away, I can sell 10 domains at $500 each, or 1 for $5000, the art of the sale, I know M.Berkens is very good at this, and commend him for keeping his minimum sale pricing, unlike afternic, and huge domains who are just dollar store domain sellers.

  9. gary dell says:

    Great post and interesting story. It was pleasant to learn some background.

  10. Rods Songs says:

    Finally a dude story in domaining, very cool many thanks

    ……hooray for rock music and all it’s stories !!!

  11. Alem says:

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Life is a ruthless bitch, but even with that, there is always a silver lining.

    At least you almost got to be a star. That’s more than most of us will ever get to experience.

    Glad to hear domains are worked out for you.

  12. Adam says:

    “almost being a rockstar.” Isn’t that the story of so many people? :)

    I think most entrepreneurs that are successful on the web fell into it by accident. Most of the skills I have acquired were by trial and error. Lots of hours of figuring it out, reading, breaking something, and making it work.

    Regarding music, I’ll never be the musician I hear myself as or I want to be (doesn’t everyone say that?) but I still like playing saxophone just for fun. Selling a CD once a year is nice validation. I hope at this point in your life you just enjoy music just for fun too.

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