5 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Dec 3rd 2013”

  1. Mark, 7 was no arbitrary number…
    When I say I am addicted, I mean it.
    And I have photographic memory.
    Check out your post on the 9th of August and your next one on the 16th of August. And the 9th post was a canned post.

    My greek island holiday was not all holiday. I worked on average 4-5 hours every day, including weekends of course. I had my pc and laptop with me and I had wireless internet.

    And I am sure I read about some all day barbeque you had that I wished I was there… :)

    Oh and I don’t drink Ouzo. I get a headache just by smelling it. I prefer “light” drinks like rum, tequila and mescal. :) I make very good daiquiris and margaritas.
    Come to Athens.me and I will have a few waiting.

    • Mark says:

      Konstantinos, you know I was just having fun at your expense, I loved what you posted, and I can’t wait to visit Athens and have daiquiris and margaritas with you and Manos 😉

  2. I know Mark.
    I just wanted to show you that I am a blog stalker… :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the list. Backordered a name from your list.

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