5 Responses to “My Domain Picks Dropping on Feb 1st 2013”

  1. BullS says:

    A big pile of BS!!!!

    dot come is KING

    • Mark says:

      “dot come is KING”

      LOL. I was thinking of putting in an application for .cum but I didn’t even think of .come.

      And I think .com is KING.

      And I sold Tree.tv today for $2k that I grabbed in june.

      Go figure…

      • BullS says:

        If that the case Stevie boy- go ahead and buy all the dot shit and leave the dot com to me….

        • Mark says:

          Hey MarijuanaGuy – Ironically and seriously today I countered offers on Hash.me, Bong.me and of course the KING – PotSmokers.com – and I got a “how much” for HempSolutions.com. I dabble in .me and .tv but unless I smoke too much I will not be leaving any .com’s for you, lol…

  2. Tom says:

    HaHa investing is an art their is niches in every extension, can’t blame a guy for trying, watch out domain shane there is a new list in town.

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