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  1. Challenge given. Challenge accepted. I can’t wait to hear what the Sherpas think of your domains, Mark!

    We’ll be taping Wednesday afternoon, airing Thursday morning. Stay tuned!

  2. Well done. They’ll certainly like this list better than those 18 reviewed last week and hopefully the retiree will have a better understanding and approach going forward!

  3. Tony says:

    I would’ve preferred to see the best possible domain you could get for $180 or less vs this handful. I’ll take this challenge myself today just to see what results.

    • Mark says:

      I would have also Tony, I tried, maybe next time…

      And I will be looking forward to seeing what you might get today.

    • Mark says:

      How’d it go Tony?

      • Tony says:

        I wasn’t able to get anything yesterday. No regfee catches or even backorders. I assume the $180 keeps rolling over to the next day until I spend the $180?

      • Tony says:

        Today, I hand registered these newly expireds for $2.17/ea via godaddy coupon codes from Domainingtips.com:

        2drawerfilecabinet.com – 4400 Exact monthly seaches, $3 CPC, .net/.org taken

        intentionaltort.com – legal term with 2900 Exact monthly searches

        rockphosphate.com – 1000 Exacts, product domain, .net taken

        petitejackets.com – 590 Exacts, $2 CPC

        $8.68 spent. Just nothing at auction I wanted to overspend to get.

        • Mark says:

          Getting 4 names you like for under $10 is pretty good mining Tony…

          And PetiteJackets.com looks like it has the least searches but I like it the best, not bad for the price for sure…

          • Tony says:

            I’ll update this thread until I reach the $180 with the main objective of getting the best domain for the price, if that’s OK. I now have about $170.

            It’s gotten very difficult the past couple of years to get really good names without having to overpay.

            • Mark says:

              Of course it is OK, and no pressure really, I am interested to see the best you can get without the time restraints. I was playing a game but the real name of the game is to get the best you can, taking however much time that takes, and it really does take some time, at first I thought the limited budget would be the big challenge but it actually ended up being the time limit, I didn’t really think of that when I said give me one day lol…

        • Tony says:

          OK, today, a lot of backorders came through but first the hand regs for $2.17/ea with Godaddy coupons from Domainingtips.com:

          anhnen.com: Vietnamese for “wallpaper”, .net taken

          mometasonefuroatecream.com – 6600 Exacts, 1CPC, product domain, .net developed

          speurders.org: registered for $9.17, Dutch for “investigators”, all major extensions taken

          backgroundcheckusa.com: backordered for $19, alexa ranking which may mean it was once developed and all major extensions taken

          washeranddryersets.com: backordered for $69, 14800 Exacts, $3.60 CPC, all major extensions taken

          dixiehorn.com: won at auction for $74, 2400 Exacts and all major extensions taken

          Total spent: $179.80

          Final List:

      • Tony says:

        Thanks, Mark.

        BTW, I check for your lists every day. Keep up the good work.


  4. Aaron Strong says:

    Great challenge. Several strategies at play. Cool fun. I would probably try a handful of hand registered domains at 1.99 to throw in the basket….. Good luck Mark, it looks like you got this one.

  5. Acro says:

    I stopped listening to appraisals when I first sold a hand-registered domain for four figures, ten+ years ago; the appraisals were quoting “reg fee”.

    Valuation opinions lacking access to metrics, market analysis or understanding of how new companies function are more or less esoteric forms of entertainment.

    Long story short: invest in domains without seeking affirmation; simply by using your experience and instinct.

    • Mark says:

      None of the domains I got had good valuations at Estibot, I didn’t go by that, I found domains that had much better Estibot values but I didn’t see the value as much as in the domains I got so I went on my instincts and experience…

  6. Kassey says:

    Just remind me of Robert Allen accepting LA Times’s challenge in the 80s(?)to buy properties in just one day with only $100. Thank you, Mark, for the fun.

  7. I like SolarGlassWindows.com and NewFarming.com.
    Reunion.me is not bad.

  8. Adam says:

    Cool challenge.

    IMO it’s good to do this once in awhile to see how someone just trying to get into the industry feels.

  9. Tauseef says:

    Well done Mark. I not only like the challenge but also the cause for which you’ve utilized your Domaining experience so well.

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