11 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Dec 28th 2013 and a .TV Rant”

  1. manos says:

    Transfer away lock is really strange for current premium list as all domains after 18-3-2010 are with normal fee so could stay at any registrar.
    It is a big barrier for sales as many people want to have all their names at 1-2 registrars.

    As for old legacy premiums of ENOM, another strange case, Verisign kills old owners who spent tons of cash at premium fees and most of their names prebackordered by others.

  2. Ammar says:

    Thanks for the post! Glad to see the word getting out. I think there are some subtle changes that need to occur to really have .tv fly. I did receive news today that Verisign does NOT have any plans to drop legacy premiums for existing registrants!

    Will keep all posted!

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for that Ammar…

    • manos says:

      Professore would be good at least to disable this transfer barrier between registrars for the new premiums.

      Also for me the big problem with old premiums is that create a confusion at Marketplaces. Would be easy for sedo and others to write a small script and if a name is not ENOM or is registered after 18-Mar-2010 to not have these warnings for premium fee.

      If a name is NOT at ENOM it has 100% normal fee
      If a name is registered after 18-Mar-2010 it has 100% normal fee
      2 simple rules marketplaces do not adopt at all.

  3. Ammar says:

    I actually just wrote about the structure to identify a legacy premium renewal. This can be used a template for places like Sedo to reduce buyer confusion and have a higher success rate of closing sales.

    • manos says:

      if a .tv is at godaddy it is 100% transferable and has normal fee.
      it is good filter rule for marketplaces as more than half of registered .tv are at godaddy

  4. Great post Mark,
    Those are some of the reasons why I don’t invest in .tv.
    The “Legacy premium” thing was a “legalized extortion”, as some of the new gtlds pricing practices.

    What’s more, I’ve recently found out that also ICANN, in a very stealthy (and weird IMHO) way, has “withdrawn” from the market some super premium .com, and I’m referring to some names which have never been reserved by IANA/ICANN, as was the case for single-letter and single-digit domains.
    Greed is really a bad “disease” …

    • P.S.
      I emailed ICANN and they told me the name in question was reserved, something which is not true, since old Whois clearly show private owners …
      Btw, the domain I’m referring to looks “deleted and available again” … lol
      Any view on this? 😉

  5. I had a conversation years ago about the transfer rule on the one time premium names after March 2010.

    The answer I was given from Enom and Verisign was that they did this as a favor to the registrar, kind of like a gift for selling premium .tvs I guess. They wanted to make it that they keep getting the renewal income.

    Its a dumb rule, I have had names that I was brokering and had a buyer, the buyer said I only deal with Go Daddy, I will not open an account at Dynadot, so there was no deal.

    Other potential deals before agreeing on a price someone has asked can it be transferred ? When they were told they were no longer interested in the domain.

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