48 Responses to “Domain Picks for Dec 30th 2013 and No More Premium .TV’s?”

  1. Ms Domainer says:


    Thanks, Mark!

    You’re the best.

    Just nabbed Jennifer.tv.


    • Mark says:

      Sweet, I can’t wait to watch Jennifer.tv 😎

      I wish I could get Mark.tv or Mark.me or something cool, Kevin Ham owns Mark.com but he won’t be giving me any deals on that one for sure. How much for Mark.Sucks I wonder, probably $25k?

      • Ms Domainer says:


        No one but your readers seem to know about this.

        Did you nab anything cool?

        I have verified three new .tv domains via whois.

        At least for now.

        Could it be a glitch?

        I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


  2. Luke says:

    Thanks Mark.

    I grabbed one that I had my eye on. Hopefully I’ll get to keep it! πŸ˜‰

  3. Ronnie says:

    Thanks Mark.

    Grabbed a couple but doubt i’ll get to keep them.

  4. Ron says:

    With the onslaught of gtld’s coming, makes no sense to keep these premium, nobody is going to touch them… I think they are being released… at $40 a pop some nice profit to be made per year…

  5. BullS says:

    Are Premium Dot TV domains a thing of the past? oh yea . so are the new GTLDs

    yes, YOU , mARK, IS A TV addict.

    you need help.

    Get away from the TV and go out and play

  6. Mark Directnic has always been a registrar that offered premium tv, this happened before and were taken back.

  7. Just spoke to Verisign, there is nothing they know about a change in pricing, I know some think because quick.tv has been regged for 5 days no pullback that its clear but they have 30 days to pull it back.

    The lady at Verisign was very nice, said she would be looking into it and speaking to others to get the right answer.

    • manos says:

      Registry can delete or make inactive a name whenever but registrars have 5 days after registration to delete and get an automatic refund from registry, after this period can be done with a communication i assume.

      Raymond maybe you can convince verisign to a new pricing? :)

      Thanks for info

  8. I spent half hour on phone Manos, I told her people are regging names you are going to have a pr problem on your hands, get ahold of Directnic to find out, she thanked me and said she needs more data but was 99% sure there was no change to their pricing, she said this does not make sense, and I said I am sure its not you guys, Directnic must be having a glitch that their system not picking up premium pricing.

    • manos says:

      yes obviously Directnic has a problem at receiving the pricing of premiums (it is an additional extension at EPP XML requests) but sending correctly the requests for registration.

      Let’s see

  9. She mentioned the EPP XML requests.

  10. Aaron Strong says:

    Jennifer.tv has inspired me to hand register Sue.tv for under forty bucks….Thank you Mark and Jennifer!!!!!…….I am not sure it will stick, but I sure hope so!…..

  11. Aaron Strong says:

    OK..I got a receipt for Sue.TV. It is not showing up in “who is”….The party must be over…….If the registrar does not hold up to their bargain I may have to consider “SUE”ing on TV, The Peoples Court. Sue.TV(coming soon)?…..

  12. Ron says:

    sue.tv still can be registered

    • Aaron Strong says:

      That’s why I am “Sue”ing…..JK…. DirectNic got me to sign up and purchase Sue.TV. However the domain is not showing in my dashboard but my credit card is charged…I registered it late and they may have “cut it off” at that point. It will be interesting to see if others get to keep their domains…..Again, I was Just Kiddin about the “SUE”ing part.

  13. Jim Holleran says:

    You guys should of kept quiet about this and maybe flown under the radar. I been buying .tv since 2000, and I watch Verisign screw us over and over, including taking back my G.tv, and recently GM.tv last week. there was no reason to go public on this, nothing to gain, everything to lose.

  14. Dirk says:

    Why should people have kept quiet ? I contacted directnic right after reading Marks article. Yeah people should be quiet so Holleran and his buddy Ammar can secretly register domains ok. The dirty games in the industry are a joke good on you Mark for disclosing it.

  15. No not quite Ron, I had several people contact me and asked me to look into it. Secondly many people are not thrilled with the stuff in the shadows with .tv

    Like Mark said:but I know some TV domain investors that have been quietly grabbing these premium TV’s for the last few days and they are not saying a damn thing about it, not a peep, these are people that would normally be posting this information on the forums but they are not, this makes me wonder even more what is going on, do they know something I don’t and they are keeping quiet? Well I have a big mouth sometimes so I will let the cat out of the bag.

    There are many who have as big a problem with that as they do with Verisign. This article was widely read because a very big domainer who never posts called me and asked me if Mark’s article was accurate. Verisign also said there was no way it was going to slip by, DirectNic would have a shortfall and would not be eating the difference.

  16. Jim Holleran says:

    Hey Dirk, let’s see if your a man and disclose who you are, are you afraid to do so like a little boy hiding behind your keyboard? Go ahead and attack me I can handle little punks like you, but don’t attack Ammar or I will tear you apart.

    Yes I have a beef with Verisign, I paid hundreds of thousands in premiums since 2000, and dropped most of them, and watched other’s pick them up and reg renewal. I seen Verisign, take back our G.tv, GM.tv, and others from us, among many other things. I am not only speaking for myself, Ammar, but many others in the industry.

  17. Mark says:

    If I offended, insulted, or messed with anybody’s plans by posting this I apologize, this was certainly not my intent. I figured it might ruffle some feathers but I just didn’t feel right not posting about it once I became aware of it.

    I am not a big fan of the Dot TV registration policies, that is no secret, I think they are why situations like this happen every year or so, if they didn’t have these premium pricing and registrar policies none of this would be happening and I would be writing about something else right now…

  18. Francesco R. says:

    Hi there,
    I regged like 40 .tv premium names, approximately 30-50k in total fremium fees. 2K my total cost, colour.tv pdf.tv hiv.tv and so on. Now I have the directnic account frozen with a strange message.
    “This account is locked. Please contact customer service at +1.504.355.0081″.
    I was thinking about the possible scenario. I see a big lawsuit against this company that at the current time is going again permit to reg premium names with 37$. Crazy really, crazy. I hope will be of good omen all this time passed on, maybe someone upstairs In Verisign is deciding about. Anyway at this time they should put their system off, if they don’t want continue to eat the losses.
    I think that anyone that is involved in this should bond with a lawsuit against this company. I’m the first.

  19. Dirk says:

    Yeah will see what you tear apart Holleran. You are a legend in your own mind.

  20. Francesco R. says:

    I’d like remember that now could be the right time to send the Ammar’s proposal to Verisign. How a so commercial extension can be afflict from all these problems?
    What should have the .tv of so different to have these crazy commissions? I really loved this extension, but like all domainers can note, all this issues have just killed the extension instead relaunch it as someone probably thinks in Verisign.

  21. Jim Holleran says:

    Dirk, little boys hide behind there keyboard, won’t disclose yourself(lol) That’s OK, 4 people private email me already and told me who you are. I would mentioned your name here, but don’t want Mark to get upset, but your getting exposed on DBR today for the little punk you are, and it’s streaming rolling downhill real fast for you buddy. Make sure you know who your are dealing with before you open your mouth. I have turned into your worst nightmear Dirk, should not of attacked my buddy Ammar, messed with the wrong dude. You attack my friends Dirk, I am going after you strong and hard.

    If Mark allows me to mention your name here, I will. If not, your getting exposed as we speak other places.

  22. manos says:

    Names that were at 5 days grace delete period, deleted, released to public and DNC refunded from registry.
    Some names like quick.tv, nip.tv, pej.tv that are in 6th day can not be deleted and still seem at registrant’s account.

  23. John says:

    Called directNIC this morning. Coo will be sending out an apology letter along with refunds.

  24. manos says:

    Anyway let’s see a possible positive outcome in all this mess.

    Verisign has to stop things to be so complicated and at least allow transfers of new premiums between registrars that is a major barrier at sales.

    Probably they will never stop the legacy premiums policy but at least can fix everything for non premiums and premiums that get registered after 18-Mar-2010.

    Also all .tv investors should press marketplaces for a better behavior regarding this extension.

    As wrote in another thread there are some easy rules that apply to majority of domains and should be checked by marketplaces like sedo and remove this message that push buyers away.

    If a .tv is registered after 18-Mar-2010 it has 100% regular fee.
    If a .tv is not at ENOM it has 100% regular fee.

    Finally can not understand why marketplaces do not get a database with premium fees from Verisign and check if a name applies there.

  25. Tom says:

    Registered a few names, they have locked my account, and not responded to support tickets… No refund issued yet also… Big shit storm basically… They kept taking money, even when they knew their platform was messed up. Class action anyone?

    • Mark says:

      I am not upset with DirectNic.com, I have made enough websites to know that sh*t happens sometimes. I am sure they did not have any bad intent and would have preferred this did not happen, it is probably the last thing they wanted to be dealing with today.

      As a matter of fact I should probably apologize to them, I am sure this post just made their already difficult situation more difficult.

      Sorry DirectNic 😎

  26. Aaron Strong says:

    Honest mistakes will be excused if this is the case, as I don’t ever capitalize on honest mistakes that could jeopardize a persons job. However, why did it take so long to stop?
    How many new accounts did they set up?
    There are certainly some disturbing questions that should be addressed by DirectNic. I am awaiting a response from them regarding this and the registration of SUE.TV.

  27. Tony says:

    Just received this email from Directnic

    Dear Directnic Customer,

    Recently you registered one or more .TV Premium domain names at Directnic which were incorrectly priced at regular .TV rates. We realize this was likely very exciting as this represented a significant savings, however we regret to inform you that we will be providing you a refund and deleting the domain names. We will be refunding the registration fees for the following transactions:


    As our way of apologizing for this issue, we would like to extend the ability to register these and any other .tv domain names at our wholesale cost provided the domain name is available. This offer will be available to you through the month of January 2014. If you would like to register any of the above premium domain names at cost please contact me directly at [email protected]. We are also offering you the ability to register new .com, .net, and .org domain names at wholesale cost through the month of January 2014. Your Directnic account will reflect this discounted pricing within 24 hours.


    Michael Ward

  28. Tom says:

    They have deleted all domains, but have yet to issue refund?

  29. Ron says:

    I always felt an internet business was 24/7 365, especially registar… These guys have been asleep at the wheel for almost a week here… they have to take some accountability for something…

    • Mark says:

      Yea but it’s Christmas, we should ask ourselves what would Jesus do, lol? I say forgive…

      • Ron says:

        I have a lot of friends in IT, who worked Christmas day, so I don’t buy that, if you want to be in a 24/7 business, you have to have mechanisms in place to support this kind of error…There were a lot of names registered, oh well, so far no refund, but all my domains are gone, so right now egg is on our face.

  30. Mark says:

    Michael at DirectNic.com sent me a nice thoughtful email, I like him, and I just got refunded.

    If anybody has a problem getting a refund let me know and I will be happy to ask him about it.

  31. Tony says:

    Just got refunded here too.

  32. Aaron Strong says:

    I just got the reply for discounted price for Sue.TV. The “wholesale” price “at cost” per the letter they are offering is near the end user pricing. Does anyone know if the profit margins are really that small? Besides apologizing they offered no explanation or real help past the standard apology….Is $2000 really DirectNic’s cost as they offered?

  33. Francesco R. says:

    Refund arrived here also

  34. Francesco R. says:

    Corrigendum, my credit card’s balance is not again aligned.
    I just wrote to technical support of DN. My paypal is aligned. Maybe that creditcard takes more time to align.

  35. Linny says:

    blehhhh Im sat here watching fireworks in Sydney and the Burj thingy and London and Auckland and shit and then this shit lands on me! Verisign you have sense of humour I give you that, no fucking marketing or PR skills but you sure know how to joke – cheers guys, Happy new fucking year πŸ˜€

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