3 Responses to “TDNAM (GoDaddy Auctions) Email Issue”

  1. Brian Cowan says:


    Thank you for this, I am having our team look into it now.

    Kind regards,

    Brian C.
    GoDaddy Aftermarket

    • manos says:

      Thanks for immediate reply.

      Brian i think the only solution is after “authorization funds” phase ends buyer’s email to be visible to seller and seller’s to buyer.
      Email addresses will be known at both parties
      after first communication anyway.
      So if seller directly emails buyer from his email provider will not be any problem with SPF and DKIM.

      As Mark wrote at some blog posts here, TDNAM seems to have bigger exposure and success that the other marketplaces so we would love everything to work fine there.

      thanks again


      • Mark says:

        It’s true, I do really like the GoDaddy Aftermarket, only 10% commission, no minimums, huge exposure, thanks for all this Brian.

        And since I have your ear lol, what I would like to see is a little more search options at the sellers control panel, it would be nice to search offers by when they were received, so I could go search all active offers made in the last few days at the GoDaddy site and not have to just see what offers were made by reading the emails you send me, I get too many emails, it gets too crazy. Right now if I go search at my GoDaddy “selling” I just see 1000 offers made on 1000 domains in the last few years, no way to see the latest “active” offers. Just a suggestion…

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