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  1. Aaron Strong says:

    RegistrarStats.com helps me track the New G’s……Because I am a New G kinda guy…..

  2. Shane says:

    I think you pretty much covered it. Thanks for the mention

  3. Kassey says:

    Very resourceful, Mark! I’ve bookmarked this page. Thanks for the tip on using Estibot not for the appraisal but for the ad count and search volume and CPC.

    Domaining.com is the first place I visit everyday. I actually check each entry. It will be great if there’s a way to open all news entries for the day so I don’t have to Ctrl-Click each entry to open it.

  4. sukhjin says:


    Really you still visit Owen and found it pleasing, does he still exist, I might have to use the unblock feature to see if he is still alive lol.

    Really I use all other resources, except owen :)

  5. Very nice. Lot of information really. Thanks for sharing!

  6. “A reader posted a comment recently about a domain related service they were offering …”
    Mark, that looks kinda familiar :) lol
    Quite unexpectedly, after that post I’ve got a lot of inquiries of people interested in sending us their domains for review, so it was useful.

    Let me recap in a few words what we are offering:
    our Premium Domain Brokerage Service is part of our Web Advisory business, and it leverages on our specific expertise and database in the Equity and Corporate space for industries like Consumer Goods, Industrials, Small & Mid Caps, High-Tech and Telecom, among others.

    Key features of our Domain Brokerage Service:
    – Selective, boutique-style approach: we only accept quality domains, mainly .com, .net and .org, both among Generic and Brandables. All domains go through a review process, and they are accepted on a case by case basis. We accept only a limited number of names per day, in order to offer a more focused, tailor-made service;
    – We sell exclusively to end-users, at retail prices, thanks to our wide database of end-users in specific businesses.
    – Lower fees: 9% brokerage fee, no minimum.
    – No exclusivity period: we don’t ask any 30 or 60-days exclusivity period, so you will not have to keep your domains stuck for a long time.
    – No need to price the domain upfront: we don’t ask you to price your domains. Minimum price and specific instructions are welcome.
    – Flexible brokerage agreement: when you don’t need or don’t want anymore us to broker a specific domain for you, you will just have to inform us by email. We want happy clients, so no ties on that.
    – Foreign language domains: we also accept good quality non-English language domains, particularly in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German.
    All transactions and fees payments are secured with Escrow.com (www.Escrow.com).
    We also offer a Domain Advisory service (domain consulting) for people needing specific advice.
    Feel free to reach us for any question you should have about our domain brokerage and corporate services.
    Our website: http://paladini.org
    Email: [email protected]

    As regards useful sites/services, let me add also NameCheap.com among registrars, Voodoo.com for parking (fast support, great for parking), NamePros.com and DNForum.com as domain communities, dnsaleprice.com for sales stats, Alexa for analytics, Archive.org for domains history, ExpiredDomains.net for expired domains, MajesticSeo.com and Ahrefs.com for backlink checks and site exploration.

  7. Blake Smith says:

    I use a lot of these myself!

    I must add to the domaintools benefits of searching for dropping domains that are in DMOZ abd Yahoo directories. This is a good way to find domains that have Page Rank.

    I’m a full time SEO account manager myself and enjoy when my profession can conincide with my hobby (domains).

  8. Well done Mark, ExpiredDomains.net is another great resource. Definitely worth a look. Thanks for mentioning my site as well.

  9. Francois says:

    Domaining.com for latest news.
    Dofo.com, browser button for quick WHOIS access.
    ClosingAuctions.com for check the auctions closing today.
    Valuate.com for have an idea of the value of names I plan to buy.
    – New CAX submissions.
    – Facebook.
    – Google news.
    – Email.

  10. Paul H says:

    Great list and I also second Jasons’ mention of ExpiredDomains.net. Lots of data on screen to help make fast decisions, and it has lots of variables you can configure to narrow down the lists. Plus it’s Free to use!

    And here’s another site for your About.Domains project: I post my own Daily Domain Pick over at http://www.DomainSquared.com

  11. John Lyzester says:

    I use http://www.registrarowl.com for price comparisons and to see which registrars are gaining/losing ground.

    I use NameSilo’s Domain Link service (https://www.namesilo.com/Support/Domain-Link) for keeping track of all my domains at different registrars.

  12. BullS says:

    I used my God’s given talent…my brain- to hand reg creative domain names at 99cent

  13. Tony says:

    Is frager even a domain site or service? All it is is hyped up headlines backed up with total fluff. I stopped looking at his site 5 years ago so maybe it’s changed.

  14. Steve says:

    I use NameBio.com for comparative sales amounts. Not sure if it’s updated as often as DNPric.es or DNJournal.com, but NameBio provides nice filters and search tools.

    And I use Whoisology.com when researching portfolios.

  15. Very good post Mark, thank you for the mention.

  16. Aziz says:

    Thanks for this information.
    I use http://www.hosterstats.com to Search Domain Hosting History.

  17. Don says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the forums. They are a vital part of our industry/community. I’m addicted to them especially NamePros.com

    Great list, nonetheless!!

  18. DNOAi says:

    We just founded an association at http://www.facebook.com/dnowners and would encourage all the professional domain name owners to check it out and join :)


  19. Thanks for the mention Mark!

  20. Andy says:

    For a rolling list of new gTLD registration levels linked to launch periods try http://namestat.org/index.php/registry-stats useful to gauge which new extensions are doing well, especially in early access.

    For launch dates we also have a gTLD launch calendar and summary stats on delegations.

    Thank you!

  21. Adam says:

    NameChk is a great tool for checking social media handles. This is really important when you are looking into brandable names for a company. There are a lot of similar sites but I like NameChk since it checks a lot of social media and bookmarking sites.

    Appreciate this list Mark and you posting great dropping domains everyday.

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