17 Responses to “Domain Picks for Feb 11th 2014 and Some Confusion”

  1. Aaron Strong says:

    The first gold miners to the Klondike were confused as well…They ended up very rich…lol

  2. Wow.
    $1499 for x.singles???
    No wonder it’s the only 1 character .singles available!
    I don’t think there are any other 1 character domains with this price. Are there?

    On another note. If you pay $400 for a domain at Go Daddy and then transfer to Dynadot then you pay $230 for renewals.

  3. Shane says:


    Perfect example. It is known that the first gold miners made squat but the people selling them the pick and pans that got rich.

  4. Gillo says:

    Mark, darling, why don’t you use a little bit smaller font? :)

  5. Blake Smith says:

    I would love to own x.singles, but at that renewal price, it would have to sell at over $2x,xxx to make it worth the risk in my opinion.

    I guess these registries have to make their money somehow… and with some of the extensions being extremely niche, I can see a lot more “premium” domains coming to a registrar near us soon.

    • Mark says:

      X.singles was my favorite, the first one I checked, the one that motivated me to see what was up with all this premium renewal crap, if it was $960 first year ($1499 at GoDaddy) and regular renewal I might have considered it, no way at $1k per year, it’s like an old .tv “legacy premium” ideal lab nightmare flashback, been there, done that.

      It also has that TM warning issue thing, what is up with that? The X is TM?

      • Yep. X is a trademark.
        But as long as it has nothing to do with dating (and you use it for dating) you are pretty safe.

        I don’t know what isn’t a trademark anymore.

        People have patents on a particular shade of the color blue. Go figure..

  6. BullS says:

    I get headaches just reading this article of yours

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