11 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Feb 13th 2014 and Timing is Everything”

  1. manos says:

    I think for this industry, timing is almost everything

  2. owen frager says:

    1975? you were regging domains n 1975?

  3. Timing is the key in any type of investment indeed :)
    I can only agree with Manos.
    On a different note, Mark, a few days ago it came back to my mind when you were talking about a couple of “About+term” names you sold, so I’ve purchased what at the moment is my only “About+”, AboutJournalism.com, I think it’s a good one if you wanna talk about … Journalism maybe? 😉

    Today’s tip: if any of you own a domain with “olympic” in it, just forget to park it … even if your domain is not infringing on any TM and you can easily prove it.
    I was told that “ICANN and Google have decided that anything with Olympic or Olympics is now considered to be a trademark, no matter what.”
    Didn’t know that now Google and ICANN can decide what is a TM and what is not … lol …
    I know that Google can accept or not a domain for parking with a “certain” degree of discretion, but when you are saying that a domain infringe on a TM you have to prove it, otherwise it’s just another excuse to justify your excessive discretionary power …
    Imho WIPO should make it clear that this practices are unfair, to say the least, and that ICANN and Google have no whatsoever authority to judge on TM issues.

  4. owen frager says:

    So it’s bad enough I have to figure out whether domain gang is fake and now the daily dot and others copying the onion with Justin Beiber castration while in custody articles… now you!

  5. BullS says:

    vinyl albums is coming back strong and I have a couple of boxes of LPS and a record player

    RECORDLP.COM for sale

  6. Mark says:

    I probably overstepped my bounds, I suppose I should leave the parodies for DomainGang from now on. It’s just I was talking with a tech guy and he had registered some domains back in the mid ’90’s, he wasn’t big in the domain thing but he still reg’d a few as investments but he got .net’s, he was sure .net would be the default extension, and they weren’t that good.

    It made me realize even if you were at the right place at the right time you still might miss out, so I thought I would write something funny that parodied that situation…

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