13 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Feb 18th 2014”

  1. Aaron Strong says:

    “which do you think has more value, a domain or fond memories?”……….Without a doubt the memories are priceless….

  2. Ms Domainer says:


    Ooohh, a rock star.

    Love it.

    I saw Jim Morrison in person, on Hollywood and Vine (or was it Sunset and Vine? Those years are a bit hazy…. LOL). He was a Rock God…

    What was your band name?

    My nephew was in a band called Dog Fashion Disco. They were all set to go on a Big European Tour, and then 9/11 hit, grounding everyone — the tour was never rescheduled.

    They enjoyed modest success and a fervent (if small) fan base. Now he’s married with twins. An awesome guy who remained level headed.

    Life goes on…

    I love discovering cool details about fellow domainers.



  3. Mark says:

    My President’s Day lyrics were a poem first, I won some cool poetry awards for the lyrics and decided to make it a song, the song did OK, we got some decent airplay for a while and now it is just a nostalgic song that plays on President’s Day lol, that is cool though…

    he got a ford on lincoln’s birthday, but there’s a killer on the loose
    if that parade is held in dallas, the man will rob him of his youth
    the lincoln looked so continental, so long and sleek and black
    the rear doors were suicidal, and there were bloodstains in the back

    some say the bullet it was lonely, but then others say they lie
    and if you listen very closely, you can hear the widows cry
    so if you’re ever down in dallas, won’t you please pray for rain
    remember me on president’s day, a celebration of pain

    admission used to cost a penny, but there’s a killer on the loose
    the theater is closing early, ’cause there’s a killer in the booth
    and our american cousin, was up on stage when he died
    some said he gave a good performance, but then others say he lied

    and i think money is the motive, ’cause now it costs five dollars at the door
    they’ll say you’re paying for your freedom, as civil men send you to war
    so if you’re ever down in gettysburg, my address is the same
    remember me on president’s day, a celebration of shame

    • Ms Domainer says:



      I love your lyrics!

      Very poetic and compelling.



      • Mark says:

        Yea I am subliminal lol. If it rained in Dallas maybe JFK would be alive today eh, he wouldn’t be in a convertible that’s for sure. And Lincoln was on the penny and the Five Dollar Bill, what a bump eh, and “Our American Cousin” was the play that was playing when Lincoln was shot, and…

  4. Uzi is back! make some noise! 😉
    When I said great old school stuff 😀
    Like the rhythm and your guitar riffs!

  5. Jeroen says:

    Cool stuff Mark!

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