16 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Feb 19th 2014”

  1. Kevin says:

    Dropping most .nets like they are the plague, will be to many choices going forward, unless it is one word generic why keep paying renewals.

  2. owen frager says:

    Don’t take the bait, Mark or get caught up n the “rush” (like the auction rush where you get head strung and have to beat the other guy and over pay)

    99% of what you already own is better than anything you can buy non dotcom and it will go up in value while new gs will have to establish value.

    DotNets are a great bet. Frank is buying them all. That speaks volumes. Verisign has 10 million $$ dot net ad campaign on cnn and in Forbes claiming 15 million sold and running something valuable on them. No one els’s marketing has even come close.

  3. Kevin says:

    Frank stated on a blog he is culling his portfolio of names, I would assume he would choose .com over .net. Anything other than .com gets grouped in with the new Gtlds.

    I am sure 9 out 10 domain professionals would tell you .net has taken a backseat with the new extensions.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t have many .net’s but I sold 2 recently, I am not getting rich on them but still a decent profit, I can’t imagine dropping names like furnishings.net, utensils.net, smoothies.net, etc, I suppose it depends on your .net’s?

    • Mark says:

      And I just realized you used the word Backseat and I have Backseat.com, not .net, so that made me feel good lol…

    • Great keyword .net are still a valuable assets, also because often are the best alternative, in terms of costs/benefits, together with .org.
      And they are selling for good bucks, just check DN Journal.
      For ex., last December Adam Dicker sold Download.net for 6 figures.
      So it’s just a question of quality of the .net, as Mark and Owen are saying.

  4. Kassey says:

    From now on, it’s important that a keyword together with its extension must mean something for it to be valuable. Richard Lau said in a Domain Sherpa interview that he owned a lot of .net such as ocean.net and model.net, which make sense if you want to refer to some sort of network.

    • Mike says:

      One word .net’s are no brainers to hold onto for $8 a year, it is the compound keyword .net’s which become difficult to hold if you have a large portfolio. You will have to give a year to see your sell thru rate, and that will give you your answers. If the end user is going to the .net or going after their gtld phrase.

  5. page howe says:

    quick note Contractor.Tv is a chunkyy $1200 up front bingo, but then regular renewals.

  6. nit says:

    How is this one:-



    Any worth in these?

    • Adam says:

      That was almost 2 years ago. The same thing is not going on today from what I see. On top of that, a guy that has millions of dollars more than you’ll ever have also has a lot more cushion to make big mistakes.

  7. owen frager says:

    A: It was from two years ago because google alto change is making it hard to find my own content, but with an hour’s more research I put this together and if I had another hour I could triple the examples

    For example we know that Marchex unloaded 260 domains for $1.6 million aprox $266 each. But do we know how many of those were dotNet’s Frank bought and is comfortably reselling for $5-25K? As I once blogged, Oversee, IReits scraps are HIS feast. Predictable domain flipper addictive behavior and going with the roar of the crowd is his best weapon for throwing other hunters off the REAL prize.

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