7 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Feb 27th 2014”

  1. Mike says:

    Many of the premium domains in today’s donuts release sit unregistered, I saw many of the .tips got caught up before GA, actually there was essentially scraps, as the reservation stage was really busy. I came across a few of yours on lookups, well done.

  2. Mark both art.tattoo and too.sexy are on the collision list but even if they weren’t they would have been reserved by Frank.

  3. Mark, actually .tips looks to me like the little brother of .info, or one of the next .mobi (lol), with even less possible uses 😉

    My latest addition: HeavyLiftingEquipment.com
    Some people don’t like 3 words names, but IMHO it depends on the combo quality, just check how many of these names are sold for good money on Frank DNS.

  4. BullS says:

    I put all my domain money in TSLA 6 mths ago when it was $140 …got 100 shares and now it is….$250

    Thanks to fragerfactor for the article and I need to buy him a case of beer.

    I still don’t know how/where to reg those new GTLDs which is good because as Mark Cuban said, if you make the selling process hard, your business will fail.
    I will stick to dot com as it is so easy to reg a dot com at 99cent.

    dickhome.com–make me an offer to feel at home

  5. LeLu says:

    I like goating :p

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