31 Responses to “Domain Picks for Mar 5th 2014 and a New G Rant”

  1. Great writing Mark.

    Just be careful with VegasPro.com. Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing suite. I know cause I own it…

    • Mark says:

      Unfortunately I probably wont be scoring VegasPro.com but if I did I wouldn’t worry much, I guarantee you I wouldn’t make a video editing site, wouldn’t even think to do that, but I can think of lots of things I could do with it.

      And thanks for the compliment, your blog has really been inspiring to me lately, keep up the GREAT work…

  2. Shane says:

    You know what you’re doing so keep on doing. I don’t mind hearing from people that are selling a ton of domains like you. I always figured if you are writing about every domain sale you have then you don’t have very many. :)

  3. β€œThe trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”
    ― Norman Vincent Peale

    The critic has a role. It is never easy to hear, however. Some say that Constructive Criticism is okay, but even that, H. Norman Wright rhetorically questioned “is constructive criticism really constructive? Not really. You can’t make a child better by pointing out what you think is wrong with him or her. Criticism either crushes spirit or elicits defensiveness. Constructive criticism is an interesting combination of words. “Construct” means “to build.” “Criticism” means “to tear down” It creates defiance and anger as well.”

    The debates we have on logs are essential. It’s a good thing.

    My question to you, Mark, if .tv, .info, and .me are doing so well, and they are appear to be, why not double-down on a good thing?

    • Mark says:

      I did double down on tv and me, I think that was implied in the post, I didn’t get many .info, I got a some a few years ago that I thought were decent but haven’t sold any so I haven’t got any more other than I did recently pick up ganja.info…

  4. Aaron Strong says:

    Would anyone like some pizza?….Can I get a selfie with y’all?……

  5. Kassey says:

    If you like to go against the crowd, would you comment on the potential of .mobi? Most people say it’s dead, but it still has more than 1 million registrations. There’s hardly any sales of .mobi now. So, the question is: does the .mobi extension make no sense at all? What about something like Games.mobi (for games on mobile devices)? Or toilets.mobi (mobile toilets. How about that?) If new gTLDs are about name+extension that makes sense, will out-of-favor existing gTLDs such as .mobi have a second chance?

    • Tony says:

      I’ve only ever owned one .mobi and that’s hoteldeals.mobi which I picked up on the drop in 2013 and for the same reason you like games.mobi. It makes sense to me and I am comfortable holding it because I love the keyword and that it goes with the extension. I think that’s about all you can say for any non .com/.net/.org domain really.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Kassey,

      I don’t know the answer to that. I never got any .mobi because I never liked them much, I thought .mobile would be better. If it’s not a .com I like names that sound like something and would make sense as a .com, .mobi didn’t sound like anything I heard before other than Moby Dick and Moby the musician, and I don’t remember seeing many wordmobi.com’s sell, whereas I see lots of sales and reg’s of wordtv.com and wordme.com.

      Every new gTLD I have gotten so far is reg’d in other extensions and is a common term, like energy.today and fishing.tips. There are tons of wordtoday.com and wordtips.com reg’d so I liked these. Wordinfo.com get alot of reg’s so I look at .info also, I don’t have many .info though.

      I like to search domaintools.com for past sales history, if you look here you will see almost no sales of wordmobi.com domains, wheares if you search me.com, tv.com, info.com, tips.com, today.com etc as suffixes you will see tons of wordtv.com wordinfo.com, wordtips.com, wordtoday.com etc domain sales.

      It’s not a science but it is something I take into consideration, and I am mindful of TM issues.

  6. Tauseef says:

    Long post, but, very well articulated. Got your point. Thanks

  7. Jeroen says:

    With the right combination, it will be less of a gamble than say .com 15 years ago. One of the reasons being that most people are (far more) familiar with the internet these days. I can’t imagine some businesses wouldn’t want to have some descriptive domains but it may take some time before people get really used to it.

  8. Travis says:

    Looks like someone’s 1 word .info portfolio dropped today, there were dozen’s more than I’m used to seeing. most were crap tho lol…

    bitcoinbank.me dropped in the .us too, that was one of my faves today.

  9. Tony says:

    Mark, I would like to say that I am very impressed with how you’ve evolved with the domain industry. Other early investors mostly got stuck in their ways because frankly they can afford to but you’ve adapted so well.

    How many domains do you own?

    • Travis says:

      You can check out domainshopper.com to get an idea.

    • Mark says:

      I have about 2500 com, net and org, 95% are .com. I have about 1000 others and about 1000 with partners…

      • Travis says:

        I’d imagine you’ve pretty much done away with your less than desirable domains by now. So do the majority of your domains on park pretty much pay for themselves as far as renewal costs. Or do you bite the bullet come the many expiration periods you probably have lol.

        • Mark says:

          My parking and affiliate income from some white label sites I have more than pay for all my renewals, but that is all from the .com’s, the non .com’s definitely do not pay for themselves, they are an expense, so I more motivated to sell them.

  10. NameYouNeed says:

    I know a lot of people that were “there then” and actually let valuable COM, NET domains drop. These are high paying CPC keywords today or were great 1 word dictionary terms.

  11. Christian says:

    Well I am the owner of Mortgage.info and I guess any mention of my domain and website is good. Thanks Mark! I love the blog.

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