10 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Mar 6th 2014”

  1. Aaron Strong says:

    Mobi has been around since the movie “Star Wars”. Mobi-Wan Kenobi was a Jedi “.Guru”..

  2. Tony says:

    “I like to search domaintools.com for past sales history, if you look here you will see almost no sales of wordmobi.com domains, wheares if you search me.com, tv.com, info.com, tips.com, today.com etc as suffixes you will see tons of wordtv.com wordinfo.com, wordtips.com, wordtoday.com etc domain sales.”

    I definitely will add this way of thinking to how I look at TLDs but it doesn’t apply to .net/.org either. You rarely see wordnet.com sold for example. But I think that way of thinking eliminates a lot of the bad possibilities.

  3. Travis says:

    Agree, .mobi’s just don’t have that brand factor where you can really play off the extension. Likewise, when i come by a .mobi on the serps (which isn’t often), it’s usually one I immediately skip. Just looks sketch.

    domaintools.com is by far the best to use, but namebio.com is a great free choice. Just as long as you know what your searching for so you don’t spam the system. “limited queries” arghhh.

    some other decent drops were…
    forextradingbasics.info – “forex” seems to ~always be bought up
    ingrown.info – health related
    stuss.org – brandable
    niftytips.net – like how that sounds

    How often do you buy ultra niche domains (probably .com’s), with geographic terms in them like nyc, la, or even a state…like “nylawoffices.com”. Much liquidity to those?

    • Mark says:

      Yes Travis I like geo profession names, when Elliot had his hand reg contest I thought the best names were reg by a person that wasn’t even part of the contest and he got some great geo plus profession/services/product domains. I recently picked up ColoradoGanja.com and in the Sherpa Challenge I got WestcoastBrew.com…

      • Travis says:

        Thanks for the reply. Geo domains have not been something I haven’t gotten for the simple reason that I haven’t “mastered” getting it delivered to the end user, which I would think is a more specific buyer.

        Something I have not been able to find is how to actually hand register domains. I have no clue. Any articles on DomainSherpa or elsewhere you could point me to?

        • Mark says:

          In case there is some confusion hand reg just means to find and register names that are available now. I do not hand reg many names because I never find anything I like that is still available, but if you must you can do it at any registrar, most people do this at GoDaddy because you can usually find coupons to get names cheap like 99 cents, if you are taking a chance on a hand reg domain might as well only pay 99 cents.

          If you check my coupon page you can try these coupons, I use them all for transfers but I am sure many of them will work for new reg’s also.

          • Travis says:

            Wow, I thought hand reg’ing was a way to circumvent using domain registrars? As in, the registrars don’t really own the domains (right?), and I would be doing all the leg work that they do but not paying any fees. I’m an idiot hahha. Yeah, you have one of the best collections of current GD coupons around. I reference them a lot. Wish it showed up higher in the serps for “godaddy promo codes”, would have saved me more sooner 😉

            • Mark says:

              Don’t sweat it Travis, my email is [email protected], you are welcome to email me anytime if you have questions about these things, it is all very confusing, I have been doing it for 15 years and I am still confused…

              • Travis says:

                Appreciate it all. Not surprised you didn’t do a write up today, there wasn’t much to pick from.

                • Mark says:

                  I did do a write up yesterday, then like an idiot I left my laptop with the post at my studio and didn’t feel like making the 30-40 min trip back to get it so I shined it on and watched TV instead, I revitalized it and posted it today…

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