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  1. Mike says:

    You can easily spend $5000 going thru a few letters doing this, do you think the end users are there, to be able to recoup the initial invest, plus renewals in 3-5 years time? Mike Berkens posted on the Sherpa show he felt the extension was backwards, do you agree?

    • Mark says:

      Yea I agree, it sounds backwards to me…

      • Mike says:

        I think your a very smart investor, not to bog yourself down with the trvial stuff, and go for the category defininers.

        I just renewed 200 domains for $1700, if these were new gtld’s at an average of $22.50 this would be $4500, a difference of $2800 this really makes me cringe.

  2. Almost.sexy: Thanks Mark
    I think this was the only one that was not backwards.

  3. shanecultra says:

    Thanks Mark. I loved the names I’ve listed below

  4. Rich says:


    Thank you

  5. Ms Domainer says:


    You must be reading my mind, Mark. I took Aunt.Sexy earlier today. I had a dream last night that I should register it. I may live domains, but I have to say that this is the first time one came to me in a dream.

    I’m using it for my “Dear Aunt Sexy” posts. Aunt Sexy offers lovelorn advice for fictional characters and long dead people.

    I was using Dear.Sexy but decided that it didn’t quite resonate the way I wanted it to.

    The cliched agony aunt needed some zip and “sexy” in her tight-lipped life, and .sexy is just the thing!

    I think end users will be very creative with this gTLD and not all porn, either. I’m predicting that it will be a trendy gTLD, a destination for crazy keywords and sites attached to them.

    Unlike .xxx or even the future .sex, the niche .sexy is just a little bit flirty and racy with an edge that end users will like.

    On the flip side, it’s a difficult gTLD to make work in a logical manner; loans.sexy just doesn’t quite make sense, though I’m sure someone will try.


    • Ms Domainer

      Perhaps you also should register:


      since it’s available via hand. To cover yourself…

      • Ms Domainer says:


        Yeah, Domenclature, I was thinking about that (I did snag AuntSexy.com already), so went ahead and regged that with one of those lovely Go Daddy $1.99 coupons (Techno, in case you’re thinking of regging a maybe domain).

        There’s a certain resonance about “Dear Aunt Sexy,” although it is currently considered a pigeon sh*t property.

        If Aunt Sexy doesn’t pan out, I can let it expire next year.



  6. HowieCrosby says:

    I think grammar is the important factor to get the best for your investment with these gTLDs, it seems a lot of domainers have not worried with this for one reason or another? But it’s their decision.


    Already.Sexy (Very Good)

    Pictures.Sexy (Not Very Good) For instance, preferred grammar; Sexy.Pictures

    I would go with the simple strategy PicturesSexy.com or SexyPictures.com ? Which works best? And we should know the latter is correct and a keyword.

    The term “sexy”, in most cases starts at the beginning of the phrase and this is why I think this gTLD will have a tough time being sold to end users.

    PS. Some of the geo’s might work? 😉 But I still think SexyLa.com is better than La.Sexy, see it’s a grammar thang! 😉

    Cheers Mark.

  7. Travis says:

    the write up for annoying.sexy lmfao haha. You might be onto something with the “geo”.sexy. I like it

  8. owen says:

    Mark and Chris if you want to know where I get my stuff I might be able to get you into this trial: : http://huff.to/1g4pNjl

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