16 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Mar 13th 2014”

  1. Mark, the registrant from eco.gallery says he spoke with Donuts and they are prepared to try to make things right to the 26 “eco” + 7 “00” registrants. Whatever that is…

    • Mark says:

      That’s good, it is still not good I had to hear about this from blogs and Sherpa shows and not the registrar or the registry, it’s been more than a day…

  2. Mike says:

    Here is another question, when they are re-released will the previous registrants get first rights?

  3. What do you mean by re-released?
    In the extraordinary case that ICANN decides to release them?
    I highly doubt that.

  4. Mike says:

    There is no need for these type of names to be blocked, since they took the accelerated route, more blocks had to be put in place, once all the dust settles, I am sure these terms will find themselves into the marketplace.

  5. The “eco” is part of the intergovernmental organizations that ICANN protects.
    And “00” is part of the 2 character ccTLD protection.
    These are not part of the collision list.

  6. sukhjinder says:

    Ok now you tell me one thing. Extensions are not allowed or are they allowed?

    When I saw someone registered Tattoo.Directory, I thought it was not allowed, because .tattoo is a string coming out, but when i was what a flaw.

    Then when .tattoo came out, I registered
    Directory.tattoo and when I was told the strings are not allowed to register.

    So there are flaws. However Directory.Sexy was bloacked by Uniregistry.

    I have owned this name for more than couple weeks now, so now tell me what the hell is going on.

    There are Single letters, domains that are out, and then there are these issues, and so on, I am dead confused

    Lol :)

  7. RU says:


    I took “Equalizer”

    Thanks, Mark!

  8. Travis says:

    When are there not problems with registrars. I’ve had similar issues and it equates to putting everything on hold until it’s all sorted out. And with these registrars it always takes so much GD time. It’s a pain in the ass when your registering multiple domains at a time, and matching up all your recent purchases with refunds…especially on domains you were really hoping to score. When you’re working with and maintaining thousands of domains, I can imagine that annoyance increases 10x fold.

    Hey Mark, you register any “.domains”? I was surprised to see a jump of 1,700 in registrations.

    I can only think of handful that would actually be worth buying (IMO).

    • Mark says:

      I just grabbed one Travis, about.domains, and I will be developing it…

      • Travis says:

        good choice. That’s one of the few .domains where you won’t have to create a “tool” to develop it. As in, whois.domains, search.domains, etc. I’ve seen a lot (more than ever), .info’s ranking well for these tools. “.Domains” just doesn’t seem worth it. I think they were banking on the fact that the domaining world would really eat this one up.

        picks.domains is still available. Not to add any unneeded pressure 😉

        • Mark says:

          Yea I don’t really like picks.domains, I am being really “picky” with these new things, I wanted a domains domain that could cover all aspects of domaining, I think domain investing will just continue to grow and I am going to make a site to cater to that, I thought – what would be the best name to provide information about domains and domain investing? And about.domains seemed like a good one for this…

          • Travis says:

            Hear you loud and clear. Definitely have to pick and choose.

            While this site is great, it would be great to see some more of your insights on domaining. Hope you see it through.

            • Mark says:

              Domaining is my hobby and my living so what else do I have to do lol. My partner and I are already working on it, it will take a while to get it all together but I am hoping to have something going by the time I get to TRAFFIC Vegas in May…

  9. Eric Talaska says:

    As the registrant of eco.gallery, eco.photos and eco.graphics, have created a page regarding the story of Eco.Gallery in particular as well as other eco.*** domains. There are two easy polls, so please vote.

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