8 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Mar 16th 2014”

  1. @Mark,

    I’ve been following our blogs daily, and I enjoy analyzing your take on domaining, as I do other bloggers.

    So far, am I right in assuming the following synopsis: Your portfolio is predominantly .COM (roughly about 2500), but you sale disproportionately .TV and .ME names?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. RU says:


    I took “WebArchive”. Great name!
    Thanks, Mark

    Kind Regards,

    • Travis says:

      arghhh…so you took webarchive.info ayyy. lol

      • RU says:

        “archive” + “.info” makes sense

        • Travis says:

          definitely. web services are great with the .info. You got it before I did.

        • Actually it does not make any sense to me … it would if your .info gives “infos” about a product or service (ex. gold.info, stocks.info), but a “web archive” is already an info archive, so it’s just a redundant duplication (infos about a web archive??? … lol) … = useless domain.
          An increasing number of people confuse the role of the keyword with that of the extension … and the outcome is that they end buying pigeon shits … good luck! 😀

  3. Mark, I’ve just purchased a new name that you’d probably like, since I know you are very much into the herbal and organic agriculture stuff, it’s AgricultureSchool.com
    It’s time people learn how to grow their own veggies, and how agriculture impact our everyday life.
    And, generally speaking, agriculture is a rock-solid business. :)

  4. RU says:


    How can i contact you? I sent you an email (webmaster [at] domainpicks.com)

    I need your advice please.

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