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  1. Nothing wrong with long names …. i happily own varietyisthespiceoflife.com and it’s a good motto to live by, cheers

  2. Travis says:

    here’s a question you’ve probably answered well before I came across your site, but what’s your opinion on .info’s? Any luck reselling them?

    IMO, a generic .info just won’t do, unless it’s brandable in some sense with the extension or on a topic the end user could actually make an information site with. The obvious uses.

    Do you even bother buying them?

    • Mark says:

      I like .info better than many non .com’s and new gTLDs, I have got a few here and there but have had no significant sales so I am not investing much in them, if I see a really good single word that fits with .info and I can get it cheap I will, my last .info I got last month was Ganja.info, I suppose it is debatable if this is a really good single word but I am bullish on marijuana names so I like it…

  3. Travis says:

    sounds like my thinking. what about .org’s? I’ve never been a huge fan of .net’s. I’ve always looked at them like the “bastard bother” trying to compete with the .com, that’ll never be good enough lol.

    And then you come to the .org and .info which are cool because there specialized and not trying to be like the .com. If I were to personify them all lol. But .org just has that “official” connotation that makes me want to stay away from them. There just not fun.

    So disregarding all the others, I’m left with .coms and .infos. Ahh, I’m just thinking “outloud”. lmfao. There may be a question in there 😉

    • Mark says:

      I struggle with these issues also, I see some great products and terms in .org that are dropping but I don’t usually list them because they just don’t seem to go with .org, .net is not so limited but it is like the .com step child, perhaps that will change with the new G’s, it is better than .web imo. I sold a few .net’s in the last year, nothing huge but some decent sales, I still get some if I think they are good, I recently picked up AdultVideos.net at GoDaddy.

      And I sold 2 .org’s in the last year for about $3k each that I picked up for near nothing on the drops, I didn’t have either of them for a year, so there is still money to be made on .org’s, both were single words, expanse and entheos…

  4. Travis says:

    I think adult domains are great for the .net, because it’s already a “lowly” subject as it is lol. Perfect for that bastard brother. Not that it is lowly, but it is ~porn afterall 😉 thinking from the perspective of someone who would be developing an adult site, a .net would be perfect.

    Yeah I remember you talking about those 2 sales before, looks like expanse.org is being developed into something worthwhile. That’s always rewarding.

  5. Christian says:

    I like .info. Lol. I am trying to build out/up http://www.Mortgage.info. I am surprised how I started ranking for keywords and now I am up to 44 keywords in just a few months. Its been a fun project so far and I look to continue having fun with it.

  6. RU says:

    Hi, Mark!

    I took “BodyBuilders”

    Many thanks.


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