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  1. The Truths says:

    You have highlighted a very interesting point. When it comes down to it, there are maybe 100 or so good/meaningful domain names for most of the new gtlds. The registries know this and are trying to maximize their revenue by either charging premium pricing on those few good names or holding them back for future use. Either way, they are managing the rollout to their benefit and domain investors are left paying inflated annual renewal fees or fighting over the remaining scraps.

  2. Mike says:

    Ok, so I did what you did with .education, I tried to think outside the box with the not so mainstream names… higher.education RESERVED global.education RESERVED
    Then I just gave up, I am not paying premium for B grade

    • The Truths says:

      For the .education, I turned off my computer, walked out of my house with a full wallet, and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day outside with no worries about .education domains.

    • Mark says:

      There are good ones that are not reserved but the best of those seem to get picked up for more than I am willing to pay, like Wine.glass just got picked up in the last hour, it wasn’t cheap, it was in the $600 plus premium reg fee phase, nice domain though…

      • The Truths says:

        Exactly. Most decent gtld’s are premium priced, meaning the registries are squeezing out the profit from the middleman (domainers). It’s hard enough selling even a decent .com domain, but paying a high premium to buy a new gtld and then educating end users about why they should own a .glass domain and pay enough for it to make your investment worthwhile is going to be a challenge.

      • Mark,
        Since you didn’t get Wine.glass, let me offer you some special vodka to cheer you up, I’ve just purchased SpecialVodka.com :)
        Of course for much less than 600$ …
        Cheers! 😀

        • Mark says:

          I am going easy on the Special Vodka or I might get all messed up and pay to much for Wine.glass or Vodka.glass, or even better if it is really Special Vodka and I drink enough then Vodka.repair might make sense to me…

  3. Mark says:

    And there goes Window.repair lol, I like watching the names on my list of names I like get taken for hundreds of dollars before I can get them for $20…

    • Mark says:

      Window.repair is an example of a decent new gTLD imo, it is hard to say if it is a good resale investment at $600 plus but it was in my list of decent new G’s to watch based on my criteria:

      The term is registered in most other extensions
      The term is used in over 500 other registered domains
      The term is searched alot
      The term has a high ad count
      The term has a high CPC

  4. Mark says:

    And there goes Smart.glass…

  5. Mike says:

    Is it true someone paid $12.5K for autoglass.repair?

  6. BullS says:

    New GTlds is full of SCAM.

    they keep the good ones and you get the pigeon shits, and later they sell for a high price. If this is not a ripoff than what the f do you call..

    Where is the first come first serve basis??

  7. Mike says:

    Anyone know how garagedoor.repair got taken in surise when it has no active TM’s?

  8. Bob says:

    These registrations by new General Top Level Domainers are all fakes. Half of them are reported as collision risks…Ahahahahaha
    Hundreds and thousands of collisions in each new tlds. Have you look to .sexy? Why half of the best combinations are not registrable…? boom! collision risks… ahahahahahahahh BOOM!!!
    Sorry, but, I need really to say it: f**k you all, New Top Level Domainers. At least 15-20 years ago you had to run, now they don’t even need to do that, simply now they start immediately with all the new good names for them.

    ICANN became a shit in the last 5 years.

  9. Kevin says:

    If these gtlds fail it will be their own internal
    doing. I keep seeing the same usual suspects hoarding similar keywords in sunrise without any active marks. I just went thru glass, repair, and education, and between registry reservation, and the sunrise nonsense.

    Let’s blow the roof off donuts here, take the above example:


    Colette Lauren Sisofo has been employed at THE CHEAPEST FUN LTD since 07 March 2014 currently as a Director (STUDENT).

    Born: 1987
    Nationality: USA
    Country: ENGLAND
    Posttown: LOUGHBOROUGH
    Postcode: LE11 2TZ
    Country of residence: UNITED KINGDOM

    Date Description
    07/03/2014 New Board Member Ms C.L. Sisofo appointed

    Registered Address: Apartment 24, The Foundry, 43 Woodgate, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2TZ

    Occupation: STUDENT


    How does she have any rights to Garage Door Repair? This is just one example taken from the blog, there are many more like this.

    This gravy train is hard to stop, icann is all about they money, and has let full rein rule supreme, as this cash grab ramps into high gear, we have yet to see any gtld cross 50K. Just a feeding frenzy, of who wants it more, you are a causing panic, and over reaching each other, for what?

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