12 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Mar 31st 2014”

  1. BullS says:

    Save your energy, stick with dot com

    potbrand.com-make me a smoking offer

  2. Mark I thought of getting eye.glass but then I thought about glass eyes and deleted it from my list. :)
    I got digital.glass instead.

  3. Kassey says:

    Hi Mark, I’m sorry I have a very short memory. Which website do you use to get info on the following criteria?

    *Term is reserved in most extensions
    *Term is used in 2000-3000 other registered domain names
    *Term has good search volume
    *Term has good CPC
    **Term has lots of ad purchases

  4. I do like eye.glass but wonder if i.glass was available ? There may be some traffic leakage but still good, cheers

    • Mark says:

      Like I said I didn’t get this one for me, I spent my allowance on automotive.repair, and the domain i.glass is reserved by the registry, otherwise they probably would have got is also, but they specifically wanted the word eye, they were going to use eyeglass.me but they liked this better. And the real traffic leak will most likely be to eyeglass (dot) com…

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