16 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Apr 1st 2014”

  1. Ms Domainer says:


    If I get an $80,000 offer on any of my new G’s, you can bet I’d sell.

    In a New York second.

    I think that commentator was blowing smoke from you-know-where.



    • Mark says:

      Have you and Uncle.sexy hooked up yet, I think Aunt.sexy is a really cool domain, Uncle.sexy is scaring me lol…

  2. Anunt says:

    Bloggers are getting paid to blow smoke from their asses…
    Onlinedomain guy got $80k offer and now this domainpick guy gets offers on his bullshit .today domains…

    new gTLDs registry owners are paying big bucks to advertise their bullshit on these blogs…

    our job is to see thru the smoke

    good luck!!!

    • sukhjin says:


      Dude, half of the time your posts are useless and you do not even understand what is being said in the post. I think its time for you to hit school school again and sharpen your reading skills.


      Read the posts and then come to conclusion

    • Mark says:

      Anunt, I remember reading you bought Flowers.mobi from Rick for $6.5k and sold it for $5k, is this true? Would you be willing to do a guest blog post on this investment? Your thought process etc, it seems so pertinent now…

    • Mark says:

      I am not sure why you would think I am blowing smoke with these unimpressive numbers, I didn’t say I got an $80k offer, I got $100, $200, $300, and $500 offers, most of them were from domainers that were following the names and hoping to grab them on a prereg or when they got cheaper and I picked them up first, once they realized the domains were taken they decided they should have stepped up and grabbed them, so they offered me what I paid or a little more than I paid, nothing impressive, nothing unusual, nothing heroic. Here is an example of one of the inquiries:

      Believe it or not I had this domain in my cart along with others the night before and thought I made the purchase. I later called my register to see why I didn’t own them yet. They told me I could not buy multiple pre reg. domains at the same time, and then realized this one was no longer available. I would like to buy it at a reasonable price.

      And I don’t have any new gTLD ads on my site but maybe I will put a few up…

  3. If I had $100k for every $100 million offer I have received in DomainNameSales.com from India, Pakistan and Nigeria I would be retired now.

    Back in the real world.
    I have received 4 offers on my new gtld domains. $200 up to $5,000 but the $5,000 is only good in May when the buyer will have the funds. I will wait and see if it’s real.

  4. brand says:

    @Sukhjin,i think anunt gets it.
    The comment at the top of this page says.
    Somebody commented at onlinedomains.com that they turned down a $80k offer.
    Anunt is not saying that onlinedomains.com got this offer,just this onlinedomain guy..meaning the guy on onlinedomains.com blog said he got this offer, onlinedomains guy.

  5. BullS says:

    The only people who talks about this new GTLDs are those people who bought into them and they talk about it every freaking day.

  6. brand says:

    @ Mark, hey watch what you say about worthless.com’s
    I may have to hit you with a cease and desist order. that’s my trade mark…worthless.com’s..lol.
    But i did take a tip from you and konstantinos and bought a .com in digital glass, if i don’t get any offer’s it’s on you guys…

  7. John says:

    Ama Rosa is “Loves Pink” in portuguese. You love pink? lol

  8. brand says:

    Hey, check out namecheap.com.
    they have some new extensions today.
    I wonder how many registrations they will get on there April fools joke

  9. Travis says:

    wow, all that controversy starting from that one post yesterday (80k offer). Hilarious to read this stuff. Starting to think i’m more mature than all you f*cks. Bahahahha (that was sarcasm 😉 )

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