6 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Apr 2nd 2014”

  1. todd says:

    Fuckin Dirtbags! and their punishment is paid vacation. They are probably sitting at a bar right now laughing about it. Incredible.

  2. Ms Domainer says:


    I like the single payer model as well, but the insurance industry is too entrenched with mega lobbyists.



  3. Travis says:

    wow, that video was crazy. I love how they release the dog, tearing a dead guy up. Screwed up. I really hate cops, never had a good experience with them hahhaa. That’s probably my fault 😉

  4. Travis says:

    hey mark, I got a question. I know you said before that you would be attending TRAFFIC this year, is there any place on their site to check what domains will be going up for auction this year. It’s only showing past domain sales…

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