15 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Apr 5th 2014”

  1. James says:

    You are right on about donuts reserving all the premium domains – they are doing this with more and more domains
    each release. They are leaving the scraps to the general public and domainers giving themselves pick of the litter.
    I suppose they can do whatever they choose, however it just does not sit right with me. There are only a couple of hundred registrations in each string that make sense. They are reserving over 50% of those if not more! I think I am officially done with these, not worth the research to find them all reserved or the 1k plus renewal fees!

    • Mark says:

      First I make a list of all the popular terms, I have a system down so I can do it pretty quick, gourmet.coffee, green.house, etc, then I check all those, I eliminate reserved, I take the rest and watch them for the next 5 days as they lower in price or get taken, if they get taken I remove from my list, then I decide if anything left over is worth a premium or an early premium first year pre-reg, when that is done I probably only have 1 or 2 names.

      In the last round I started with a list of 50 names and when it was all said and done I ended up with one, automotive.repair. I also had some friends that wanted to spring $200 for eye.glass for a project so I got that also.

  2. Mark you are right. I wrote an article about this today.
    I will post it tomorrow.

  3. sexy.arse says:

    Nice grab on Automotive.repair

  4. brand says:

    Lol.. maybe i should get some investors and apply for the .arse extension and go up against .xyz, now that would get 100,000 registrations in the first year..lol

  5. brand says:

    I think tight.arse would be a great dating site gay or straight..lol

  6. Simple Truth says:

    “Rick said gTLD premium domains direct from the registry…”

    I really can’t understand. Why everyone call them Registries? They are domainers, not Registries.

    I’ve just heard that some people are accusing broker Toby Clements of wire fraud and scam because they were not paid after a domain sale.
    Furthermore, as far as I know, his newsletter has not been published since March 10, his Twitter account is like dead since the same date and he looks like vanished, no answers to phone calls or emails.
    Personally I’ve never closed a deal with him, because he was not able to sell the few domains we sent him in the past, but in those occasions he acted professionally and friendly.
    We don’t work anymore with him, because now we have our own proprietary domain brokerage service.
    In any case we would have used Escrow.com to secure the transaction, we never deliver money or domains directly to a broker.
    Don’t know what’s happening to him, maybe financial troubles or health issues, I have no clue at the moment.
    I’ve tried to contact by email Mike Bowden, who works with him, but I got no answer so far.
    I’m really surprised, it’s a shame and a pity for the category, hope he will be able to explain what’s going on.
    In the meantime my suggestion is AVOID for now.
    And remember, always, always use Escrow.com or another reliable escrow service to close your transactions, never give money/domains directly to a broker.

  8. Travis says:

    hey mark, I just wrote a post on “what it takes to be…”, appreciate it if you could check it out. possibly some feedback, but not holding you to anything 😉 . Like to get some of your insights. Brain is pretty fried now, so you’ll have to excuse me on an grammatical errors lol. Link in my name.

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