10 Responses to “My Domain Picks Dropping on Feb 21st 2013”

  1. BullS says:

    Hope somebody can find you if something happens….

    Make sure you get a shotgun or 10..thanks to Joe’s advice

  2. Shane says:

    Beautiful. You’re a lucky man although I think the city has it’s beauty as well

    • BullS says:

      This is America, you can live anywhere you want to live-nobody stopping you.

      I prefer my 10000+ acres of beach!!! sea lions, salmon, seals, eagles, Killer whales…food to eat.

    • Mark says:

      It’s so true Shane, I am a very lucky man and I appreciate it every moment. And I agree, I love the city and I miss it, especially the ocean.

      Here is a funny story about what motivated my wife and I to leave the city and roam America. When my daughter was born we lived in a basement apartment in Venice Beach, a block from the boardwalk, it was sweet. One morning when my brand new beautiful girl was a few weeks old I was holding her when I heard a noise, I spun around to see an old homeless guy peeing on my window – it was a basement apartment and he was on the sidewalk outside peeing on my window, face level for me, I ducked for a second like when something hits your windshield, pounded on the window, and held my new daughter close as he ran away, I still have a perfect visual of this big old ugly penis bouncing and running away while peeing – disgusting but true.

      So we decided to “drop out of society and roam America, like in Easy Rider” (lol, I stole this line and got the idea from the Albert Brooks movie Lost In America, if you haven’t seen it you should, it’s hilarious). Anyway after roaming around for a while we found Taos, a VERY cool little town north of Santa Fe…

      • Mark,

        I live about 10 minutes away from Venice Beach. Although I love that area, there are times where you just might experience a little of what you described while walking down the boardwalk.

        I’m from Los Angeles, but I went to school in Virgina. Who knows, I might move back there when I end up retiring one of these days. Great picture, thanks for sharing!

    • Mark says:

      Here is how lucky I am – my beautiful wife and daughter:
      My beautiful wife and daughter

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