3 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Apr 9th 2014”

  1. BullS says:

    Why am I and millions folks are wasting time filling taxes when the IRS has all the info.
    Just send me the tax bill and if I don’t agree, I will dispute , if not I just pay it and be done with it.

    By the way, I am just a small fish and IRS should not waste their time on me whereas they need to go after those who brag about making big money in Domains….LOL


    It is all about vacation

  2. Travis says:

    as someone who grew up in a “gardening family” I can definitely appreciate the work that goes into keeping it going lol. I’m a sucker for cherry tomatoes and snow peas. It’d be awesome if I had the money some day to open a green house, after all, the environment is going to shit, so a little self sustainability probably wouldn’t hurt.

    I know your working on your other site, but if I could get one of those coveted rel=follow links to your site → , it’d be awesome. I hate asking lol, was kind of hoping you would just do it hahaha. But I gotta start doing a little link building for my blog…

    my top pick for the deleted domains today was definitive.info . Too bad I woke up too late to snag it 😉 . “The definitive guide to…” would have been awesome.

  3. Travis says:

    Oh yeah, and I signed up at dnforum, sounded like that was the go to forum that most of you vets use. WhoDatDog, http://www.dnforum.com/threads/3500-domain-portfolio-must-look-shopcatalog-com-amenu-com-more.522871/

    absolutely hilarious. Granted it sounds like he was probably right with his finding. I honestly expected a higher “pedigree” of domains in the appraisal section compared to the less niched domain forums, but it’s pretty much the same thing throughout all of them. Granted the investors with more premium domains, already have the knowledge, and wouldn’t need an appraisal. who knows…

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