4 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Apr 11th 2014”

  1. BullS says:

    Where the hell is Flight MH370 plane??????


    Everybody needs to attend PotTherapy.com to drown their sorrow.

  2. RU says:

    I can’t follow with new tld domain

    “Please enter valid email.”

    Just a quick update about Toby Clements case.
    I didn’t get any direct answer from him or Mike so far, but, according to a statement of one of DNForum members (user “sdiggles”), it seems Toby is experiencing some financial troubles, apparently due to “large accounting errors” he made.
    You can find the details here: http://www.dnforum.com/threads/is-toby-clements-still-in-business-not-paid-in-full-for-the-domain-sold-in-december.522113/page-3

    On a different note, my Domain of the day:
    MedicalExpenseInsurance.com (Medical Expense Insurance)
    Make me your best offer! :)

  4. Christian says:

    Good .com List here today. I like a few of them.

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