10 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Apr 16th 2014”

  1. Jeroen says:

    …..that’s the type of music I would like to hear after flipping a domain and buying a new car from it.

  2. Marcaria registered blues.guitars after GA.
    Are you sure they have a trademark on blues?

  3. brand says:

    doubleneck.guitars are still available

  4. Vidfie says:

    Bummer about your hands, i have a thing called psoriatic arthritis and i play in pain sometimes, luckily have good days and i get my fix. Blues.Guitars would have been a great hand reg ! ….. check out my Ode To Angus on youtube, rough but fun. Cheers

    • Mark says:

      Yea it sucks and I get whiny sometimes but better to have loved and lossed than never to have loved at all.

      Do you have a link to your YouTube video?

      Also I have heard from some friends that simple Knox Gelatin, available at any supermarket for cheap, has really helped with arthritis conditions, they mix a pack every morning with a large glass of liquid so it doesn’t gel up too much and they guzzle it down, with good results, apparently it was a common treatment for cows, lol, I guess cows get arthritis and they don’t have health insurance so the cattle ranchers have to find cheap alternatives…

  5. brand says:


  6. Singing Dogs says:

    Slick guitar skills! Too bad you can’t play anymore. Have you thought about taking up another instrument?

    If you get a chance you should hear the Singing Dogs perform. We rock! :)

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