9 Responses to “Domain Picks for Apr 22nd 2014 and After The Goldrush”

  1. Kevin says:

    I bought a few gtlds but as more come out, and some of the reservation, premium, holds, and red tape I get this feeling you get when everyone places a sure bet on a racehorse, and it barely makes it out of the gate. I have seen you step up, and grab some good gtlds but if you multiply this cost every week for a yer, and they don’t pan out, your gonna have to renew into more uncertainty, better to wait, and hold, and if they do take off, grab them in drops. You have enough good ones to make a go of it, if you had put that money into .com it would have already paid for itself.

  2. Aaron Strong says:

    Remember that song, “Blame it on the a a a a a a alc, alcohol”?…………How about “powdered alcohol”?….Looks like the approval was taken back as people were going to start snorting it and calling it things like “CoorsCaine”…

  3. Welcome back Mark 😉
    Let me add that what Warren Buffett is used to say about stocks can also be applied to domain investing.
    My Domain of the Day: WelfareInsurance.com (Welfare Insurance)
    Make me an offer!

  4. BullS says:

    Yup, you are attracted to bright shiny objects just like the fish – you gulping down the lures and they got you hook and playing with you…reeling you in and then slackin the line thinkin you are off the hook but actually the hook is still on your big fat juicy lip.

    here, have a POTCUPCAKE.COM, to relieve your pain.

  5. BullS says:

    Speaking about US domains, Ron from Dnjournal invested heavily in those US domains.

    No comment on that.

  6. Kevin says:

    As much as BullS is out there he is sure keen on his facts, yes from whois lookups over the years I have seen Ron on my many generic names, .us I always felt had the makings of a great extension, but ended up being a major bust.

  7. BullS says:

    Kevin- I don’t dispel “BullS” domain information to my fellow domainers.

    I am a professional MBA trained domainer with years of experience. I am highly respected amongst my peers in the industry.

    ***MBA-My Big Ass”

  8. Andrew says:

    You are like a hurricane, there’s harm in your eye

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