4 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on Apr 29th 2014”

  1. brand says:

    Hmmmm, i wonder if that’s why movielist.com was sold in auction 2 weeks ago for a little over $31000, then back at go daddy again and sold in auction today for 26000, then back again and sold for 5000 or so.
    Then dobermanpinscher.com sold in auction today at go daddy for a little over $31000, then back again, and then the last time i looked was at $2000.

  2. BullS says:

    There were 2 commercials during the evening news

    all for older women helping them to have a “better” smooth painless sexual intercourse.

    If intercourse is not painful, then it defeats the purpose.
    Yes, older women have sex lives too.

    yea circus.tv- make him an offer so he does not have to use ospena

  3. owen fager says:

    BS old news- if it’s out there it’s already in here (that’s why some say “dismiss at your own peril’)

  4. Blake Smith says:

    Hi Mark, just curious – how does one know if a pending delete .TV is “premium” or not?

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