6 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on May 7th 2014”

  1. Thanks Mark.
    We have about the same number of sponsors!
    You know I was not talking about you.

  2. And those guys wasted a lot of money to get TMs just to purchase a mix of junk new tlds … what a deal! congrats! lol …
    And probably they may lose the TMs if not put in use (but to be sure I need to check Swiss rules about this).
    The new gtlds, another rigged joke … well, nothing new under the sun …
    Anyway, kudos to Kosta for uncovering the case. :)

    Talking about law and regulations, here’s my Domain of the Day: OnlineCriminalLawyer.com (Online Criminal Lawyer), make me your best offer!

  3. MikeS says:

    Ok, as OnlineDomain explained they counter the fake TM’s by assigning high premium pricing, and renewals to the keywords they are after, so hence they are both winning hand in hand, cause, and effect, this will only spell doom for the registries. I bought a few gtld’s early on, now I have straight out boycotted them, and it feels damn good.

  4. BullS says:

    “We have about the same number of sponsors!”

    Answer: zippo, nada, zero, NONE

    Yea, so afraid to hurt the sponsors’ feeling so you can get the extra$$$ for your weekend beer.

    SCARYOKEE.COM- you can have it for just $25

  5. Shane says:

    Aaron and I have sponsors but Zero in the new gTLDs. Dot club won’t let us in the club. It’s doesn’t help that I write that we own no gTLDs at all and aren’t advising anyone to start. Plenty of money in the old names and until that stops why lose focus? I’m not one of those guys that is afraid to miss the next big thing. I just want things. I don’t care where they come from. New or Old. And as I’ve said many times before. Special K is the best blog out there when it comes to the new names and telling it like it is

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