6 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on May 8th 2014”

  1. The “buyer” is just an ignorant asshole.

    He/she even thinks that he has some knowledge “or go
    through ICANN and pay a few grand” while he knows nothing.
    Worst kind.

  2. Ms Domainer says:


    Sweetly quote your price — perhaps add a bit of a premium for his assholery — but don’t feed the troll by answering his rant.

    He’s a lowballer.

    But you just never know, and it’s the eventual money in your hand that counts, right?



  3. Kevin says:

    Sore loser, works with any commodity known to man, who mined that diamond he put on his wife’s finger, who are these mining companies that sit on these diamonds until someone gets married and needs one, diamond squatters …use it against every industry, best not to reply, and just ignore, give them the satisfaction of silence.

  4. Travis says:

    “It’s your lucky day, the price just went up” :)

  5. Mark,
    Your potential buyer should study a bit, because, besides being kinda arrogant, he/she clearly doesn’t know what “cyberquatting” means (I think here we are not talking about a domain which infringes on a TM) and he/she has clearly no knowledge about the domain industry.
    Or it’s just a lowballer tactic, as usual … or both … lol
    Just ignore him/her … :)
    I’m curious, what’s the domain?

  6. Tauseef says:

    Somebody buys a land and leaves it plain for several years and when time comes sells it for profit. Is he guilty of unnecessarily holding that piece of land? Of course not.

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