26 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on May 10th 2014”

  1. That is why I visit this blog.
    Thanks Mark.

  2. Tauseef says:

    Thanks for sharing your domain career graph. It’s really motivating to learn how you do domaining.

  3. Fatih says:

    hi Mark,

    just wondered how many names you have?


    • Mark says:

      Hi Faith,

      I have about 2500 .com, a few .net and .org, and I’ll have about 1000 .tv and .me when I finish trimming, and a few new gTLDs…

  4. Mark,
    Life is a cyclical learning curve, everyday you can learn new useful things 😉
    And I agree with Kosta, that’s why we like your blog. :)

    Here’s my Domain of the Day:
    VoiceComputing.com (Voice Computing)
    Make me an offer!

  5. brand says:

    Wow, just as your writing this blog, you sold two domains.
    What kinda weed are smoking, i need to get my hands on some of that..lol.

    • Mark says:

      It’s not what I’m smoking it’s because it took me a year to write this lol, I was actually negotiating the deals for a few days and they paid while I was writing this…

      • brand says:

        Darn,i thought it was some kushie wooshie or some of that good ole thai stick dipped in magic oil..lol.
        But it turns out it was working deals and negotiating.
        Well i’ll just keep looking for that magic potion.
        Good job mark.

  6. Alan Dodd says:

    Great blog from a pro. Thanks.

  7. BullS says:

    You should be writing a book- Domains for Virgins-how to be rich trading domains.

    I got so many offers on my marijuanadomain.com that I just don’t bother responding.
    and more

    No need to sell because I have no bills to pay.

  8. Ms Domainer says:


    Thanks, Mark.

    You’re such a cool dude!

    I love visiting here — Last year, I snagged ahji.com by reading your blog.

    Plus I’m entertained…


    “Better living through chemistry.” (LOL)


  9. Kassey says:

    Very entertaining. Thanks for sharing your wisdom acquired through years of investing. I see one word keeps popping up when I read between the lines: persistence. It’s a number’s game, as the saying goes.

  10. Kassey says:

    “the fact that domains were where the money was” What convinced you that the opportunity was not temporary but of long term nature? What made you go against the crowd during the dot com bust period?

  11. Jeroen says:

    Thanks for sharing Mark!

    May I ask you if you go after endusers yourself or only wait for offers?

    • Mark says:

      I wait for offers, I am not aggressive enough to solicit sales…

      • Jeroen says:

        Thanks. Having so many domains, I guess it’s a good strategy.

        • Mark says:

          I am not so sure about that Jeroen, quality over quantity is the best strategy, I was scoring lots of good .com’s years ago and I just got everything good I could get, that ended up being about 3000 names, I got my first .me one night and sold it 12 hours later for $500 so I got more and sold a few of those right away, nothing great just short words, so I just started getting more and more, a few people dropped all their goldrush names in the last few years so I just started snatching them up, now I have quite a few but I sell a few every week…

          • Jeroen says:

            So true…of course domains have to be of decent quality at least and yours are good.

            I trimmed my portfolio down from 200-300 domains to about 40 or so. But having only a few domains also means having limited inquiries, I’m not making a living out of it but it’s still profitable.

  12. Very interesting and good to know about your past life Mark. Good to see the encouragement for newbies as there is life in domain business if someone is willing to start off now.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Luke says:

    Great post Mark! :)

  14. Jaybuk says:

    This was a great read Mark, thanks for sharing.

  15. Amy says:

    Definitely the best domain blog around. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Mark.

    As Ms. Domainer says, you really are one cool dude!

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