23 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on June 3rd 2014”

  1. Ammar says:

    The history is interesting. They are all domains owned by Elequa, aka FMA, the large domainer/investor from Saudi Arabia. He lapsed on a few of the domain names that he had $25-50/yr renewals on. That being said, Verisign reprices some at 90% of the original renewal or at times defaults it to $1200. All a guessing game as far as I am concerned. The other major names have been renewed by FMA.


    • Mark says:

      Thanks Ammar, I have been following .tv for a few years now and they still confuse me even more than Donuts lol…

  2. Anticareer says:

    Don’t see music.tv on Pheenix or Name.com. Also, the whois says Enom is the registrar so doesn’t Namejet auction off all the Enom domains?

    • manos says:

      Namejet does not auction Legacy premiums that have no regular renewal fee
      Name.com is first come first serve and backorder is taken years ago.
      Pheenix does not accept premium backorders, their owner grabs for himself only

      • Anticareer says:

        So then you can’t try to get music.tv is what you are saying?

        • manos says:

          obviously is too late for such names, at this level most are backordered from 2010, pheenix does not allow premium backorders for clients, can only order at hexonet with very slim chances and if they win it will go very high at auction

    • Mark says:

      Besides legacy premiums, NameJet only has exclusive auctions to Enom names that are in pre-release, if they are in pending delete then anybody can get them if they are fast enough…

  3. Anthony says:

    Hello Mark,

    Are you saying Music.tv will be a pure drop with no auction, 1st come 1st served?

    • manos says:

      If name.com wins, lucky backorder owner will take it with about $50 without auction.
      If pheenix wins, their owner will take it, of course he will not auction with himself.
      If hexonet wins, it will go high at auction.

    • Mark says:

      Only registrars that can register “premium” .tv names can go for it, which is Hexonet.com, Enom.com, Name.com, Dynadot.com, Pheenix.com and some others, they all have different systems, if you have the Name.com exclusive backorder and they get the name you will get music.tv for about $50 (cha ching), if you have a Hexonet.net backorder and they get it you will go to auction, bring a big bag of money for that auction, Bob at Pheenix.com will probably keep it for himself if he gets it…

  4. Jon says:

    MTV music television is trademarked
    that could be the reason.

    • Mark says:

      Yea I am aware of that, I would fight them and my argument would be “when was the last time you actually saw music on MTV?” lol, and I have talked with Tien and he has had no issues with m.tv?

  5. manos says:

    need this guy from NP to comment that music.tv does not worth $50.

    troll start
    Is music big at Tuvalu?
    troll end

  6. Mark says:

    Maybe Verisign will keep it like they do all LL.tv’s now?

  7. manos says:

    Name.com grabbed it

  8. NameYouNeed says:

    You learn something new everyday in this business.

  9. MaryPT says:

    Well, learning domain name stuffs is really very confusing…. some quality names are dropped, we don’t know the reason why they are dropped…. according to me, it may be that the owner of domain names were died, met with accident, may be facing legal issues, may be suffering from serious illness… and many other things as well.


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