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  1. owen frager says:


    • Mark says:

      LOL, I can’t make this shit up, here is a pic from the show the other day and my daughter has green hair and tattoos, it’s also me and the rest of my family with Michael Cyger and George Hong from Guta.com:

      Green Hair and Tattoos

  2. “I will have to ask my 25 year old daughter with the green hair and tattoos what she thinks about it.”
    That’s a good idea Mark, and make a survey among her friends ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As far as I know, I don’t see so much enthusiasm from new gens about .xyz, I don’t see them thinking it’s something really cool, something they really need to get.
    I can’t find many comments on most viewed Youtube videos about it, maybe you should get a feedback from the main socials.
    As I said before, I think it’s just a joke and it will be a failure … 185k + $ flushed in the toilet … ๐Ÿ˜€

    My Domain of the Day:
    DiscountHolidayPackages.com (Discount Holiday Packages)
    Make me your best offer!

  3. brand says:

    Off the subject of domainzz.
    Looks like a very nice family and a great picture of everyone.
    Mark, you look like you own IBM in that picture.
    Glad you all had fun and you had a great time with your parents.

    • Mark says:

      I thought I looked more like John Waters after he did something weird…

      • brand says:

        I was just appraising your golfdestinations.com, looks good.
        Hey, i was expecting to see Nikki six and then i see a wealthy business man in a suit with his happy family…WTF…LOL

    • Mark says:

      Yes, I love my family so much, I could not do all I do without them, I am very lucky…

  4. owen frager says:

    whose hair is on the wall- looks like one of those expensive restaurants that scalp tourists!

  5. fatih says:

    if it is true that Daniel gave away .xyz domains for free with NetSol then i have to take him to my other list of liars and cheaters from that of the passionate entrepreneurs list.

    man he ruined this thing.this is born totally dead !

  6. Tauseef says:

    Mark, you’re right on .xyz as it’s almost impossible to have a right combination with a .xyz suffix. But, registrants seems to like it as it quickly gained top 5 G’s position. Hope it goes further but sure there is no comparison with .com

  7. I agree 100% with your thoughts on the left.right combination and that is what I too have concentrated on. For example, site.builders should have a value regardless of how many building companies register .builders. It stands to reason that the gTLDs with the most registrations will be the most generic extensions, but there will be a lot of good combinations in some of the lesser or niche ones that might be considered failures by registration numbers alone. For this reason I also passed on xyz.

  8. Kassey says:

    Thanks for sharing your criteria publicly, Mark. After you get the list of the top 1000 “xxx billing solution” word combination in WordTracker, how do you compile a list of “xxx BillingSolution.com” that are in use? I suppose you can use Google search with parameter (site:billingsolution.com) but you still have to scrap pages of search result to find the number of relevant .com in use, and that is only for one word combination only. Any particular service you use to simply this process? Thanks.

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