8 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on June 5th 2014”

  1. “I was also overwhelmed with this thought, what am I going to do next year when all the .tips , and .guru and .xyz, and .club, etc start expiring? How am I going to keep up?”
    Mark, take it easy and just think that some of those new gtlds will be dead by next year … lol … and .xyz is in pole position 😀

    I think that not long ago you were talking about .repair extension.
    I’ve just purchased CarInteriorRepair.com, and the funny thing is that CarInterior.Repair is a developed website … 😉

    • Tauseef says:

      Was it a coincidence or you bought it after knowing the .repair site exist?
      I think that all new gTLDs whether they survive or not only two words goes well. We can assume a dot in the middle of the two word but to assume a dot in a three word domain is difficult.

      • I realized there was a developed site on the .repair just a few minutes after purchasing the .com, I was curious and I checked.
        Usually the fact that a matching new G already exists is not one of the factors which prompts me to purchase the .com.
        Maybe I can check, but other variables are more relevant to me. :)

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