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  1. Kassey says:

    Keyword + dot + extension as a meaningful phrase is still a theory that’s yet to be proven popular, but registries are treating it as the sure thing and so are pricing them much much higher than .com. Hard to believe!

  2. Actually with the right of the dot theory, we have moved from keyword + dot + extension to … the first part of the keyword + dot + the 2nd part of the keyword.
    Using “special events” as keyword, we moved from Special Events + dot + extension (ex .com) to Special + dot + Events …
    Part of the keyword has become … the extension.
    This is true with many of the new Gs, partially excluding those closer to the traditional concept of extension, for ex .web.
    But even in this case sometimes you can see the new above- mentioned structure, for ex in some non-English languages, where the adj comes after the noun.
    And new Gs have some sense only if coupled with a matching word, as Mark said before (right – left combination), so they are more targeted to niche or specific markets/uses.
    Some other Gs are basically useless, because they represent a term which mainly makes sense on the left, not on the right of the dot …

  3. brand says:

    Another theory is, people are getting burned out on these new extensions that come out on a daily basis.
    I was trying to keep up with all the new one’s at first, like when .tips and…..OH well , i forgot now some of the other one’s. I guess that’s my point, i could care less what comes out anymore.
    I have spent more time eating popcorn and reading all the great blogs than i ever have before.
    Are we ever going to see the end of the new extensions, or do they just go into infinity.
    Sooner or later people will stop caring like me what comes out, or there wallets are going to run dry, wonder what will come first.

    • Mark says:

      I agree, it’s getting old, I still check ’em all because it’s my job, and if film.productions or special.events were a reg renewal fee I would have tried for them but $500 a year is crazy for me as an investor…

      • brand says:

        I like film.productions,but after paying $500 a year in renewals, someone better be buying this very quick, or all profit margin is gone in a few fast years.
        You sure can’t hold on to it like youpay.com for 9 years or whiskey.com for 20 years and see any profit.
        Then you think of an end user, they better see the value of this domain to pay the renewal every year too.
        I bet if a company had the choice, they would gladly pay and take filmproductions.com for $8 to $12 bucks a year in renewals. But thats just IMO.

        • Mark says:

          What’s that old saying: “you’re preaching to the choir”

          • brand says:

            I hear ya. that’s like telling a race car driver how to drive a car.
            I was just thinking out loud.
            You never know who’s brain it may tickle…lol

            • Mark says:

              No no, I don’t know any more about it than you do, these new G’s and what to do about them is all new to me too, and I think you said it better than I do…

              • brand says:

                Help me please, i’m being squeezed out…The heck you say. You sell domains, i don’t.I told you before, i hold the trademark on worthlessdomains.com

                • Mark says:

                  I could make a huge site on worthlessdomains.com, actually I would use worthlessdomains.xyz, a real worthless domain, but I can’t because you have the worthless TM lol…

  4. Ms Domainer says:


    I have 1-25 [dot] com.

    It’s okay, but not a major traffic site. It makes more sense than 1-22.com, so my advice: don’t pay a lot of money for it.

    I think mine was a cheap BIN.


    • Mark says:

      Yea I don’t like the dash but I figured WTF, it’s kind of am NNNN but not? Why is the 25 better than 22? Wouldn’t the consecutive numbers seem better?

      • Ms Domainer says:


        1-25 could be a Top 25 site, although 1-10 would be better.

        I suppose consecutive numbers would have their advantages, though.

        I’m just saying that the hyphen overall probably doesn’t help, but I don’t know what the Chinese think about them.


  5. brand says:

    Woowee, i got some breathing room.
    Mark after seeing you sitting at the big table with all the big hitters and talking at the traffic,your a high on the hog IMO.
    Hmm, high on the hog, reminds me of a guy i had the pleasure of hanging with a blowing a little weed with a few times.
    Jim Dandy of Black Oak Arkansas.

    • Mark says:

      It’s only rock and roll, and I have the Black Oak Arkansas documentary on my DVR and I watch it all the time, seriously, these guys have always just blown my mind, Jim Dandy’s voice and his growling and his whole trip lol…

      • brand says:

        Jim dandy was one, if not, the best front man there was.And a down to earth nice guy.
        I tried to put a band together with the late great Shawn lane, but things didn’t work out.
        Jim dandy [James Mangrum] had Shawn Lane as his lead guitarist for a few years at age 16. His mother would drive him to the shows
        The band at that time was..Jim Dandy’s Black Oak Arkansas.

  6. Mark says:

    LOL Brand, I wasn’t really sure what you meant by getting squeezed and having breathing room, I always comment from the admin area so I forget about this squishy reply outline format, that is getting skinny eh, I like how replying to a comment keeps it all together but obviously I need to get in the css or something and try and give that some breathing room, I hate css…

    • brand says:

      Just to let you know about myself a bit, i was all so in the music industry as you were.
      I took voice lessons from Howard Hayes in long beach ca. for 6 years.
      His credits are, Karen Carpenter, of the Carpenters when she went to long beach state.
      John Elefante that sang with Kansas, David Donato that sang with Black Sabbath, then with White Tiger, guitarist was the late Mark St.John from Kiss.
      After singing in clubs here in l.a, places like, Gazzarri’s,Madame Wong’s west, i got into session singing.
      I was turned on to a producer, Christian De Walden and did some backing vocals on a Julio Iglesias album.
      I ended up meeting David pack of Ambrosia and did some vocals on a solo song of his.
      Threw David Pack, i met Michael Mc Donald from the Doobie Brother’s, Kenny Loggins and Christopher Cross.
      I met Jim Dandy at a night club in west Hollywood, called the Starwood and hung out with him as well at a place called the Golden bear in Huntington beach.
      The great thing was, i always got passes to the NAMM show every year..lol.
      I had some great times and met great people, but never much success and now i own worthlessdomains.xyz…..no just kidding, that made me laugh so hard, that was classic.

  7. lol @ “I had read Daniel is a great, successful person …”
    I would define him differently … 😀

    Today I’ve got a cctld as my Domain of the Day:
    .es is the Spanish official tld, very popular in the country.

    This year Spain overtook Norway to become the European biggest exporter of liquified natural gas (LNG) … 😉
    And it can have many other uses, all premium letters, the final “G” can also stand for Group.
    Make me your best offer!

    • Mark says:

      I am well aware of LNG Andrea, it’s huge, I search for LNG domains also…

      And I have read that Daniel is a great, successful person, a bunch of times, you must have read this before also, not lately apparently…

      • Mark,
        I’ve read also old things about him, not only new ones 😉
        Do you believe to his “track record of over $100 million in domain name transactions”?, as reported on the NamesCon site … lol …

      • As regards LNG domains, the main extensions are already taken by end users … .com, net, org, .de, Shell owns .info … :)

        • brand says:

          Andrea, i have always respected your opinion, but did you put to many zero’s on peopleprotection.com? or did i leave out a few zero’s on wordstudent.com.
          I could be wrong, Hmmm..maybe i’m short siding myself.

          • I think “People Protection” is a great brandable, and there was a business well into the 6 figures on the previous website, IMHO easily expandable to 7 figures.

            When you are purchasing a domain you have to consider, among other factors, its potential uses, research is the key here 😉 .

            As concerns WordStudent.com, honestly, no offense, but I don’t see many uses and much value … just my view though.

            • brand says:

              Andrea, No offense taken, that’s the beauty of all of this, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
              I’m not married to these names, but the number showed me there was an interest when i researched it, so it was worth the chance, or should i say, a roll of the dice.

  8. Shane says:

    One comment yesterday and you picked up an advertiser. 22 comments today and this whole site should be pimped out with advertisers

  9. ICA stepped in about the .xyz case, while ICANN is still MIA: http://www.internetcommerce.org/icann-is-mia-on-xyz/
    Time for a clean up! :)

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