9 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on June 14th 2014”

  1. Shane says:

    No such thing as bad publicity. Although Donald Sterling may not agree

  2. brand says:

    So, i have the perfect .com domain for the new tattoo studio.
    you already have seen my 3dtattoo.me, and you hate that.
    SO, how about 3dtattoostudio.com
    As you know it’s not just a tattoo anymore it’s 3d, 3d tattoo’s are the future trend.
    By the way, the best sabbath show i saw was in 11th grade at the long beach arena, off the sabotage album, about 3 rows back on the floor.Saw sabbath more time’s than i can count.
    I sure was shocked when David Donato, a guy i knew from my vocal instructor was now singing with sabbath, then later put white tiger together with mark st john from kiss.

    Every time you post about the good old days, i start looking for my bong…lol

    • Mark says:

      I am not the one picking the tattoo domain, and I like your 3dtattoo.me, I just don’t want to buy it, the words tattoo and me together give me flashbacks lol, I will ask around though, I was looking at some pics of 3d tattoos and they are pretty amazing, I still won’t be getting any.

      I love sabatoge, maybe my favorite Sabbath album, I saw them in ’78 when Ozzy was still singing, it might have been the last show ever with Ozzy, he was shitfaced and you could tell it was over, a brand new band Van Halen opened for them and basically blew everybodys mind, of course Ozzy made a spectacular comeback.

      One day I will write the story of that concert, one of the craziest things I ever did, I can’t post that one here though its just a little too crazy, I keep meaning to post more of my crazy life stories at my rockandroll.me but I get so busy with domains and other stuff, but I love writing and I have some really great stories, like some serious Hunter S. Thomson shit.

      I also saw Led Zep in ’77, great show, they only played one more show in Oakland and then that was about it for Zep also, Robert Plant got in a car accident and then his kid died and then the drummer died so they never really did another tour.

      • brand says:

        That’s the year i graduated high school was in 78, you maybe saw the never say die tour.
        The last sabbath show i saw was the 10 year anniversary tour,Then like i said before, i went to see blizzard of oz, with Randy Rhoads , but things just were not the same.
        I saw zep once and wanted to see them again off the in through the out door tour, but as you said, that’s when john bonham died at jimmy page’s house and they decided not to go on.
        I don’t have many .me’s, but i thought 3dtattoo.me was a good play on words.
        Just say 3d tattoo me and be amazed.
        I think you and i could sit a talk music for days, the people we have met and the fun experiences we have had.
        I ‘m always on youtube commenting on video’s from the good days and it’s good to see a lot of the young people wish they were around to see all these great band’s.
        Makes me feel great i was there and was a part of it all.

  3. Cheers says:

    Hi Mark,

    I wish your friend and daughter good luck in their new business. For a moment, let’s say they want to buy PatAndLaurenTattoo.Com but discover it was taken and is for sale for $5K.

    They decide to save some cash and go with PatAndLauren.Tattoo instead, a much shorter derivative.

    Word on the street is good, business is great, they franchise and start thinking about their marketing. Upon closer inspection, they realize that 2/3 of their intended visitors have been visiting the .com site which has now been sold to a competitor with the same (untrademarked) name. Also, it gets back to them that a suspicious number of emails that supposedly were sent never arrived. Turns out they were erroneously addressed to the .com recipient. Also, their radio ads are not producing the desired results yet utility tools show a raise in the .com competitor traffic corresponding to each of their radio campaigns.

    They send an anonymous email to the .com owner pretending to be a college student who wants to buy the domain for a project and, this time, are quoted $100,000.

    Bottom line: Get the .com right away. To do otherwise is a one way trip down a dead end road.

    • Mark says:


      “You’re preaching to the choir”, I think I just said that to somebody else the other day also, it is a good line.

      But you did get me thinking, maybe I should go get the **********com.com of all my .com’s, so I will be getting plungerscom.com to go with my plungers.com, and mcmocom.com to protect my mcmo.com, etc. lol.

      Also I am that poor college kid with the great idea and no budget, I see you got my email too…

  4. Alex says:

    Hi Mark,

    Please let me know if you have received the email I sent in the morning with a fantastic .tattoo and don’t hesitate to ask for any other need.
    Thank you.

    P.S. Mmhh, bizzzzz, I have just noted you didn’t follow the suggestions I gave you 😉
    I have to admit you are one of the few able to even pick up 2-words.biz that you will never sell, but I have to admit are worth to keep them. Congratulations (anyway don’t worry, you will never sell them :) but, no, I’ll not bet on that, as I said it’s incredible, 2words.biz, but they are worth…)

    • Mark says:

      Hi Alex,

      Yes I see the email, I am not the tattooer so I will pass it on, it is a nice name. And I see you saw my .biz comments at Kon’s today, for those that didn’t I said I renewed fiberoptic.biz and mailorder.biz even though I was not sure why, they never get offers, and I will probably never sell them, at least they were kind of cheap, I got them in 2012 before I wasn’t following your suggestions, the good news is I haven’t got anymore since lol.

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