9 Responses to “More Rachel Maddow Show and Domain Names”

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    What about AllianceForAStrongAmerica.us?

    Even the politicans don’t know about or want dot .us domain names lol

  2. Travis says:

    hey mark,

    I got a somewhat random question that I never actually thought about. What happens to expiring/in the process of becoming deleted, new gTLDs? There’s no dedicated aftermarket at any level for them right (?), so how would you find them?…not that many would be looking 😉

    Traffic looked fun, still waiting on the vid of the table discussion tho lol.

  3. Aaron Strong says:

    Mark – Just to Clarify, Adam Strong is not Aaron Strong and vice versa…I know even the best of “eyes” can miss it sometimes…Regarding political domains, they remain undervalued due to the money involved and free speech opportunity. There is no shortage of cash and all political sides are playing the game.

    • Mark says:

      I’m sorry Aaron, I corrected it, I know you are two different people I just spaced that one out…

      • Aaron Strong says:

        Thanks for fixing that. I did not want Adam to ‘spank’ me again….He seems to like it “bare back” when I am not looking.

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