8 Responses to “Domain Picks Dropping on July 25th 2014”

  1. BullS says:

    What you are saying is if one register and paid it and then they come back and said..ops, it is in violation..your registered domain is deleted=sorry but they get to keep your money!!!


    for that, make BullshitWebisites.com a BS offer!!

  2. Ms Domainer says:


    Why do we continue doing business with these people? In the real world, they’d be in prison.


  3. Lennard says:

    Wow that is just ridiculous! But a nice way to make money for the registry, surprising Daniel didn´t come up with this one 😉

    PS Czechoslovakia no longer exists 😉

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  4. BullS says:

    “The central registry has deleted the domain ‘eco.today’. The domain was in violation of their usage policy. We have removed the domain from your account.

    Unfortunately, the registry fees were not refunded. Please contact us if you require further assistance.”

    so how do we know it is in violation BEFORE we register?


  5. Acro says:

    It does not matter what the amount involved is. On a matter of principal, the funds should be refunded – not to mention, along with a set of Donuts goodies. That’s what I would do, if I ran the show.

  6. Donut’s here has made a mistake, allowing you to register the term “eco”, it’s their fault and therefore they have to pay, not you … that’s ridiculous …
    In case they were not sure, they should have inhibit the same people from registering it, as a precautionary measure.
    Anyway, all this happens when some businesses are not properly regulated …

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